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Royal Treatment

The Royal Treatment


Bay City hosts Royal Oak

July 9, 2011

Carroll Park, Bay City, MI


Bay City 38, Royal Oak 17



            After 6 seasons the Bay City Independents were finally able to welcome the Wahoo Base Ball Club of Royal Oak to our fine city for a match game of base ball.  Many times the two clubs had tried to schedule with each other, but alas some snag was always found in the offing.  As it was the Bay Citys were glad to find that the Wahoos were sporting gents who brought a fine nine to the park, and some excellent weather to boot.

            The Independents, captained by Sean “Tanner” LeRoux, lost the coin toss to the Wahoos who elected to strike last in the contest leaving the Bay Citys to strike first.  The striking began in earnest as the Bay Citys sent 9 strikers to the plate, and tallied four runs in the first innings thanks to a howitzer from the bat of Brian “Butterfly” Becerril that allowed him to make his third, and two long blasts from Tom “Cat” LeRoux and Jason “Buttons” McInerney which saw them both make their second.  Tallying in the innings for the Independents were Alan “Kid” Garcia, “Butterfly”, Justin “Doc” Garcia, and Tom “Cat” LeRoux.  Garcia and LeRoux were brought home to tally thanks to a safety from the bat of Dean “Sawmill” Koch.

            The Wahoos would nearly answer the Bay Citys explosion by tallying three aces of their own in the innings.  The culprits in the Royal Oak uprising were none other then misters “Grass Tains”, Hammer, and Spatz.  They were helped immensely in their efforts by Mr. Legs whose blast to the long field brought in two aces.  After one innings of play the Bay Citys held a slender edge in a tight scratch 4 to 3. 

            The apple mashing for Bay City took on even greater vigor in the second innings as the Independent strikers doubled their efforts and plated eight runs.  Strikers of note in the extensive offensive display were “Doc” Garcia who made his second on long blast to the garden, and “Cat” LeRoux who made this third thanks to his second howitzer in as many innings. 

            The Wahoos would again kick up their heels for two more tallies with Mr. Mallet adding his name to the ledger, and a familiar Mr. “Grass Tains” appearing again.  After two innings the scale was tipping more in favor of Bay City with the total now 12 to 5. 

            In the third innings the Bay Citys would add five more runs by Britt “The Mad Scientist” Venchura, Dan “The Rainmaker” Decuf, Ray “The Banker” Banister, Ron “Irish” O’Laughlin, and the Captain Sean “Tanner” LeRoux.  The Royal Oak gents would be whitewashed by the Bay Citys and the total was now 17 to 5.

            In the fourth innings both clubs would add to their totals with Bay City plating seven aces with a long blast to the garden by Mr. Banister that gave him his second, and two runs by the Wahoos scored by Hammer and Spatz.   Bay City now led in the contest 21 to 7.   

            Sensing symmetry the Bay Citys plated five aces in the fifth with a long blast by Mr. Venchura that had him make his second and being 10th in the lineup was a perfect double of the aforementioned data.  The Wahoos would not be put down in order either tallying four more runs of their own thanks in large part to Mr. “Grass Tains” double, and a home run by Spatz.  The total was now Bay City 26 and Royal Oak 11.

            Both clubs were whitewashed in the sixth innings and Royal Oak would win the seventh and eighth innings by scoring a combined five aces and skunking the Bay Citys.  Entering the ninth innings the tally was now 26 to 15 in the Independents’ favor.

            In the ninth innings the Bay Citys would put an end to their scoreless streak and put up their largest number of aces in the contest with 9.  “Doc” Garcia would be the master of mashing in the innings sending the onion over the fence and nearly into the pond making his third easily.  The Wahoos would not be skunked in their ninth either plating a run by the Innkeeper and closing the book on this contest.  After a full nine innings by each club the contest was found to be in the favor of the home town gents by a score of 38 to 17.

            After the match both clubs reclined together for some fine refreshment and conversations.  Each club looked forward to their next meeting, which will be a mere three weeks in the offing when Bay City ventures to Royal Oak.




As of July 23, 2014



    1. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 39

    2. Alan “Kid” Garcia 36

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 30

    4. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 25

    5. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 25

Runs Scored

    1. Sean "Tanner" LeRoux 29

    2. Alan "Kid" Garcia 27

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 21

    4. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 14

    5. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 11


    1. Sean "Tanner" LeRoux 3.22

    2. Alan "Kid" Garcia 3.00

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 2.33

    4. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 1.75

    5. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 1.38


Extra Base Hits

    1. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 13

    2. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 9

    3. Alan "Kid" Garcia 7

    3. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 7

    4. Aaron “The Constable” Gerken 3

Home Runs

    1. Alan “Kid” Garcia 1



Hands Lost/Game

    1. Alan “Kid” Garcia 1.11

    2. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 1.44

    3. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 1.63

    4. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 1.78

    5. Jimmy “Two Quarts” Arnold 1.88