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Don't Call it a Comeback!

Don't Call it a Comeback!


Bay City versus Saginaw

Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Mi

July 7, 2012


Bay City 12, Saginaw 11


In the format of the day, having won their first match, and subsequently gaining the title of State Champion, Bay City awaited the results of the next match between Grand Rapids and Saginaw to decide their opponent for their second match of the day. It was a fine game indeed, with the Independents southern neighbor, the Old Golds, coming out on top 15 to 10.  This would mean that  Bay City would have an opportunity to play the Old Golds for the third time since bowing to them in the World's Tournament championship match last August.  Bay City was fortunate enough to defend their home park the last two times against Saginaw, but was curious to see if their luck would remain here on the Island, and far from the friendly confines of Carroll Park.


The match began with a test of knowledge to decide the order of striking, and Bay City was again fortunate enough to come out on top and allowed the Saginaws to strike first in the match.  The first two hands of the mighty Old Golds would be lost in order thanks to nearly identical plays made by the fine third sacker of the Bay Citys, Justin "Doc" Garcia, and the last hand would be recorded when Lumberjack Piersault crushed the onion on a line through the trees that was bottled in fine style by the older of the Garcias, Alan "Kid" Garcia.  Having skunked the Old Golds in order, the Saginaws returned the favor to Bay City and brought the Saginaw cranks to their feet turning a neat twin killing turned by a combination of Diag, to Leppek to Dost.  The first innings would give indication that the crowd on the island would be in for a very emotional, and well played defensive display of our great game, and they would not be wrong for looking ahead the Bay Citys and Saginaws would combine to whitewash each other in 8 turns with Bay City skunking Saginaw in 5, and Saginaw returning the favor in 3.


In the second innings Saginaw took the lead in the contest thanks to a home run from the bat of Jason "Logger" Leppek that cleared the tree tops in right field.  The Bay Citys would however regain momentum after Big Ben Early of the Old Golds made his first the Independents were able to turn a twin-killing of their own thanks to a combination of LeRoux to Stedry, to Rahl.  LeRoux would kill the next hand on his own when he bottled a line drive in style from the bat of Chad "Shorty" Short.  The Bay Citys would match the Saginaw run in their second, with Cat LeRoux tallying thanks to consecutive safeties and swift base running by both he and Doc Garcia.  After two innings it was still a tight scratch at 1 to 1.


In the third innings the Saginaws took a big lead thanks to a one hands lost home run by Jon "Boozehound" Smith, and another tree trimmer from Logger Leppek that saw him take his second.  In all the Old Golds would tally 5 runs, and then skunked the Bay Citys to take the lead in the contest at 6 to 1.  The Saginaws would be killed in order in the fourth, and the Bay Citys would be whitewashed again as well.


Thanks to the fine pitching of Butterfly Beceril the Bay Citys were able to skunk the Old Golds in order for the second straight inning, and third of the first five of the match.  This fine defensive form allowed the Independents to begin to chip away at the Saginaw lead in their fifth and they did so plating two aces, and sending seven batters to the plate.  The runs in the innings were tallied by Buttons McInerney, and Cat LeRoux thanks to the third of what would be four doubles on the day for the whiskered one.  After five innings the match now stood at Saginaw 6, and Bay City 3.


Sensing momentum leaning to the Bay City side the Saginaws fought back in the sixth innings and matched the Bay Citys fifth inning output, thanks to a daisy cutter by the fine Old Gold captain, Adam "Squints" McCauley, and another timber topper by Jason "Logger" Leppek which had him make his second and later tally on a safety by Big Ben Early.


The Independents however, would not be outdone, and sent six strikers to the mark in the sixth and tallied three more aces in the form of Tanner LeRoux, Kid Garcia, and Buttons McInerney.  The biggest blow in the innings however, was again delivered by Cat LeRoux with his fourth double this one with two hands down that drove in Garcia and McInerney.  The LeRoux powered Independents were now trailing 8 to 6.


The Saginaws would not answer in the seventh as they saw their hands killed in order for the fourth time in the contest, and Bay City clawed ever closer thanks to the apple mashing of Jeff "Silverback" Rahl who put another two bagger in the books for himself, and then tallied on a neatly placed daisy cutter from the bat of Jeremy "Schoolboy" Stedry.  After seven the match was now Saginaw 8 and Bay City 7.


Saginaw brought their top of the order up in the eighth innings and they would not disappoint lengthening their lead in the contest by tallying thrice with a safety by Squints McCauley, a double by Lumberjack Piersault, and a three bagger by Logger Leppek.


The Bay Citys now took to striking in their eighth with the top of their lineup as well, and Tanner Leroux led it off with a fine daisy cutter past the short stop, and then tallied on a tree trimmer to the long field by Alan "Kid" Garcia.  Garcia would later tally thanks to consecutive fly outs by Beceril and McInerney, and entering the last frames the Bay Citys trailed 11 to 9.


The ninth innings would be filled with dramatics, as was a great deal of the match, but we digress.  At any rate the Old Golds began by losing their first hand to a fly out to the left fielder, but then Bulldog Diag put  a liner just through the hands of the second base tender, and made his second after the ball was untangle from the trees in right.  The next striker, Matt "Rip" Shaner put a bound out into short center that was bottled by Cat LeRoux, who then sent a rifle shot to the third sacker Justin Garcia who then neatly put a tag on Diag to kill his hand as well and complete the fourth combined twin killing of the contest.  At any rate the Bay Citys had momentum now heading into the ninth innings down by two runs.


The ninth innings for the Independents began where the Old Golds ninth had ended, in the hands of Justin "Doc" Garcia, and for the second time in a  matter of minutes the good doctor would not disappoint crushing the onion beyond the trees in right field and easily making his second.  After a fly out to the left field Garcia tagged and made his third, and tallied after a timber rattler from the bat of Jeff "Silverback" Rahl.  The tension would mount when Rahl, the tying run, would make his second on the fourth consecutive safety from the bat of Schoolboy Stedry.


Now with a runner on first sack, and the tying run at second the bottom of the Bay City order was counted on to come through for the first time in the match.  Matt "Barrell-Roller" Barnard stood at the ready while a hot pitch skipped off the plate and allowed both runners to advance to second and third.  Barnard then stood in coolly and delivered a hot daisy cutter towards second that bounded away from the second sacker and allowed Rahl to score, Stedry to move to third, and Barnard to make his first.  The match was now tied with the winning run in Stedry a mere 90 feet from home.  The Bay City captain, Jayme "Cap" Johnson, now came to the plate hoping to bring the Schoolboy to tally to win the match.  The benches, and cranks were all in full throat as the captain put a swinging bunt onto the green and beyond the immediate reach of the Saginaw pitcher as Johnson made his way to first with his back turned to the play.  The immediate silence from the Saginaw cranks, gave the indication that Stedry had scored and the day was won.  In this instance silence was truly "Golden."


After giving ample salutes to both sides, and thanking the efforts of Jason "Gypsy" Kladiva for putting on this fine display both clubs reclined to a meal, and then the Bay Citys made off to enjoy the fruits of victory on the Island.  That is if barley and hops can be classified as fruits.



As of August 12, 2013



    1. Alan Garcia 63

    2. Sean LeRoux 55

    2. Tom LeRoux 55

    3. Jason McInerney 45

    4. Jeff Rahl 46

Runs Scored

    1. Sean LeRoux 43

    2. Alan Garcia 38

    3. Tom LeRoux 35

    4. Jason McInerney 29

    4. Jeff Rahl 29

    5. Dean Koch 18


    1. Sean LeRoux 2.68

    2. Alan Garcia 2.23

    3. Tom LeRoux 2.18

    4. Jason McInerney 1.81

    4  Jeff Rahl 1.81

    5. Brian Beceril 1.75



Extra Base Hits

    1. Tom LeRoux 26

    2. Jeff Rahl 22

    3. Alan Garcia 13

    4. Jason McInerney 10

    5. Brian Becerril 7

    5. Sean LeRoux 7

Home Runs

    1. Justin Garcia 2

    1. Jason McInerney 2

    2. Brian Beceril 1

    2. Alan Garcia 1

    2. Zachary Stedry 1

    2. Matt Barnard 1


Hands Lost/Game

    1. Sean LeRoux 1.50

    2. Tom LeRoux 1.56

    3. Alan Garcia 1.58

    4. Dean Koch 1.72

    5. Brian Becerril 1.87


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