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Dan "Rainmaker" Decuf

Dan "Rainmaker" Decuf

out fielder
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Rainmaker has gained his name by his constant desire to go to the long field, and frequently firing sky balls that could bring down the rain. Rainmaker always conducts himself with fine manners, and an even finer sense for the long field. He plays it well in the field and finds it often while striking. Rainmaker has again credited himself with one true home run this season, and hopes to add more to his club's column next season.

Today's Independents Twitter updates

Independents vs old golds for the MI state cup at 2:30 at Carroll Park

Bay City advAnces to Championship. Defeats Wyandotte 8-2.

Saginaw defeats Gfv 19-12.

Independents vs Wyandot - 10:30am at Carroll Park.

Final day of the vintage season at Carroll Park today. Games have started for the MI state Cup.