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Dean "Sawmill" Koch


Mr. Koch was named as the Most Valuable Ballist for the club in 06, after completing his first season in vintage ball. His determination, and toughness on the field was matched only by his commitment to the club in maintaining the highest standard of gentlemanly play. He made every practice date, and nearly ever match, and all the while came up with fine plays wherever he was asked to go. Hurrah for Mr. Koch!

first base, out field 
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Today's Independents Twitter updates

Independents vs old golds for the MI state cup at 2:30 at Carroll Park

Bay City advAnces to Championship. Defeats Wyandotte 8-2.

Saginaw defeats Gfv 19-12.

Independents vs Wyandot - 10:30am at Carroll Park.

Final day of the vintage season at Carroll Park today. Games have started for the MI state Cup.