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Latest News

Independents 2014 Schedule


June 7th Silas K. Pierce Cup in Grand Rapids
June 28th Bay City visits Flint


July 6th Bay City visits Dexter
July 12th Walker Tavern visits Bay City 2pm Carroll Park
July 13th Chelsea Monitors visit Bay City 2pm Carroll Park
July 19th Bay City visits Walker Tavern
July 20th Bay City visits Rochester Hills
July 27th Wyandotte visits Bay City 2pm Carroll Park
July 31st Bay City visits Saginaw


August 2nd Rochester Hills visits Bay City 2pm
August 9th-10th World's Tournament
August 24th Dexter visits Bay City 2pm Carroll Park


September 13th Bay City visits Wyandotte at Navin Field
September 27th State Tournament in Bay City


Extra Base Hits Record Smashed Mid-Season!

The 2012 season has already been for the most part a smashing success, and when Tom "Cat" LeRoux and Jeff "Silverback" Rahl started a race towards the all-time season record for extra base hits in an Independents season at the beginning of the year, then we knew it could get fun.  In no way did anyone expect that the record would be broken after only 12 games.

In 2009 Jason "Buttons" McInerney set the standard for making extra bases for the Independents by launching howitzers at a record pace and put 17 balls deep into the garden.  It took McInerney 19 games to replace the former record holder from 2008, Branden "The Rope" Revette, who set the original standard at 16 extra base hits in 20 games.  This year though, will see the mark set incredibly high, as Jeff "Silverback" Rahl has already surpassed the McInerney bar with 19 extra base hits in only 12 matches.  Who knows what heights might be reached as Rahl is currently being pushed by Tom "Cat" LeRoux with 14, Alan "Kid" Garcia with 12, and Justin "Doc" Garcia with 11.  It should be fun to see just how many offensive records fall this year.

Walker Wheels Challenge New Champion!

A formal challenge was presented by the captain of the Walker Wheels Tavern Base Ball Club to the Bay City Base Ball Club.


"Bay City Independents,
As the Captain of the Walker Tavern Wheels BBC, I would like to formally challenge the Bay City Base Ball Club, the current State of Michigan Champions, for the Cup at our upcoming game July 15th at 2pm to be played on your home field."
- James Terwilliger, Walker Wheels Tavern Base Ball Club


The challenge was then formally accepted by the captain of the Bay City Base Ball Club.


"As, a formal representative of the Bay City Base Ball Club, current State of Michigan Base Ball Champions, we of the Bay City Base Ball Club accept the challenge presented by the Walker Wheels Tavern Base Ball Club, this Sunday, July 15, to commence at 2pm at Carroll Park, Bay City, MI."- Jayme Johnson, captain of the Bay City Base Ball Club


The Bay City Base Ball Club has issued a challenge for the Michigan State Championship Cup, in a match to be played this Saturday, at Mackinac Island.

"As a formal representative of the Bay City Base Ball Club, known by some as the Independents, I would like to formally challenge the Regular Base Ball Club of Mt. Clemens, the current State of Michigan Champion Base Ball Club, for the right to possess the Cup and the subsequent title of Champion at our scheduled match this upcoming Saturday, July 7th, at 10 AM to be held on Mackinac Island."

- Jayme "Cap" Johnson,
Bay City Base Ball Club

Challenge Accepted

"Mr. Johnson, As the formal representative of the Regular BBC of Mt. Clemens, speaking for myself and on behalf of the rest the Regulars we are honored to accept your challenge. We look forward to seeing you guys on the island and hope we can provide a spirited and competitive match."

-Raymond Pachuta
, Regular Base Ball Club, Mount Clemens, MI

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As of July 23, 2014



    1. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 39

    2. Alan “Kid” Garcia 36

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 30

    4. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 25

    5. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 25

Runs Scored

    1. Sean "Tanner" LeRoux 29

    2. Alan "Kid" Garcia 27

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 21

    4. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 14

    5. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 11


    1. Sean "Tanner" LeRoux 3.22

    2. Alan "Kid" Garcia 3.00

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 2.33

    4. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 1.75

    5. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 1.38


Extra Base Hits

    1. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 13

    2. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 9

    3. Alan "Kid" Garcia 7

    3. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 7

    4. Aaron “The Constable” Gerken 3

Home Runs

    1. Alan “Kid” Garcia 1



Hands Lost/Game

    1. Alan “Kid” Garcia 1.11

    2. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 1.44

    3. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 1.63

    4. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 1.78

    5. Jimmy “Two Quarts” Arnold 1.88