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Records in Jeopardy at 2013 World's Tournament!

Thanks to the efforts of the Bay City Independents archivists we are privy to the fact that many a record or milestone are in peril of being passed or reached in this season's foray by the Bay Citys to Greenfield Village as they take part in this year's version of the World's Tournament of 1867.  In the past nine seasons more then thirty men have donned the scarlet and white of the Independents, and of those only eight have tallied more then a 100 runs in their career.  Entering this weekend's play, Jayme "Cap" Johnson is only 7 runs away from joining that select company, and while he might enjoy reaching that milestone a much greater mark is even closer to being achieved by the only two-time Most Valuable Ballist in Bay City's history, Sean "Tanner" LeRoux, that being the 250 runs scored mark.  LeRoux, being one of only two men in club history to have 200 runs, currently resides at 245 runs, the other would be Alan "Kid" Garcia who stands in second place all-time for Bay City with 233.  Both LeRoux and Garcia are also poised to break the all-time season mark for runs scored in a season this weekend.  The record is currently held by Tom "Cat" LeRoux, with 37 runs scored in 2011.  Tanner and Kid have 35 and 30 runs scored respectively in 2013.


Although Garcia is fairly unlikely to catch LeRoux this weekend, he is in position to catch or pass a couple of other season high water marks.  Currently Garcia is averaging nearly four hits a game for Bay City, and has 50 hits for the season heading into play at the World's Tournament.  If Garcia stays on average, and Bay City is fortunate enough to play four games or more this weekend, then "The Kid" might break the season high mark for safeties of 64 set in 2011 by none other then Dean "Sawmill" Koch.  As lofty a goal as that is it's not the only one within reach of Garcia at this point in the season, as he currently has 4 triples for the year after 13 games played.  The record for Bay City, is 5 for a complete season which was achieved by Jeff "Silverback" Rahl in his rookie campaign of 2011.


LeRoux and Garcia are not alone in their chase of lofty season marks this weekend, as Tanner's elder sibling, Tom "Cat" LeRoux has already bested the season mark for two base hits, set in 2012 by Jeff "Silverback" Rahl when he stretched out 19 howitzers, with 20 on the season.  He is now poised to top the 23 extra base hits mark posted by Rahl in 2012 as well.  LeRoux now sits at 21 of the multi-baggers, but his pursuit is shared by Rahl himself who is only 4 behind him with 17.


While offensive records, and individual achievements are both fun to pursue, and amusing to mark, each of these gents would tell you that success this weekend will be achieved through wins at the World's Tournament.  The Independents have 17 wins at the Tournament currently, and the boys in white and red would love to add more to that total starting Saturday, and the key to that is defense.  Defense can only be played as a team, and wins are achieved by sacrificing ones' self, for the advancement of the club.  So, while it may be interesting to chase the aforementioned marks, each of these gents know that their true success will be marked in the success of their club.


2013 Schedule

Independents 2013 Schedule


The Boys of Summer had their annual Winter Meeting this past month, and ratified their upcoming schedule for the 2013 season of historic base ball.  The new schedule includes a trip to Indiana, a home and home engagement with the Dexter Club, an opportunity to host the new Flint ball club, and a Fourth of July weekend, base ball extravaganza.




The season kicks off in May with a road trip, and doubleheader against the Champion Hill Toppers on May 11th, and then follows with a home match on May 18th against the mighty La-de-dah Club of Greenfield Village.




The road is long for the boys in June with no home matches currently on the slab.  They will  however, be hitting the road for three dates in June beginning with a rare, evening match at Van Hoosen Farm against their friends the Grangers of Rochester Hills on June 15th.  Then the Bay Citys hitch up their wagons and head further south to Wyandotte for a match with the Stars on June 22nd, and then follow it up with their first ever match against the Dexter Club in Ypsilanti on June 30th.




Bay City hosts their first ever Fireworks Weekend Base Ball Extravaganza on July 6th, and 7th. The Fireworks Weekend in Bay City displays some of the finest fireworks in the state, and the Independents have secured two fine clubs to play on that weekend in Bay City for the folks to relax and enjoy an old-fashioned ball game before the big displays.  Bay City will host the Wyandotte Stars on Saturday, the afternoon before the main show, and the Dexter Club on Sunday the afternoon following the festivities.  July 11th will bring the Independents out to play at the Cornfest of Auburn for our second go around against the area Firemen.  On July 13th the Bay Citys will host the newest club in the State, the Lumber City Base Ball Club of Flint.  Then the Independents hook up their team and head out East to take part in the Gettysburg Historic Base Ball Festival during the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg on July 20-21.




In August Bay City frequents more familiar haunts making a trip to Saginaw for a Thursday match on August 1st against the current World's Tournament, Michigan State Cup Tournament, and Gettysburg Festival Champion, Saginaw Old Golds.  The following week will see the Independents take part in their 8th World's Tournament at Greenfield Village held on August 10-11th.




After a break in the action Bay City hosts their neighbors the Saginaw Old Golds in Bay City on September 7th, and then finish the season with the 1865 Michigan State Cup Championship Tournament on September 21st.


It should be a fun-filled season of historic base ball, so we hope to see you all there!


Extra Base Hits Record Smashed Mid-Season!

The 2012 season has already been for the most part a smashing success, and when Tom "Cat" LeRoux and Jeff "Silverback" Rahl started a race towards the all-time season record for extra base hits in an Independents season at the beginning of the year, then we knew it could get fun.  In no way did anyone expect that the record would be broken after only 12 games.

In 2009 Jason "Buttons" McInerney set the standard for making extra bases for the Independents by launching howitzers at a record pace and put 17 balls deep into the garden.  It took McInerney 19 games to replace the former record holder from 2008, Branden "The Rope" Revette, who set the original standard at 16 extra base hits in 20 games.  This year though, will see the mark set incredibly high, as Jeff "Silverback" Rahl has already surpassed the McInerney bar with 19 extra base hits in only 12 matches.  Who knows what heights might be reached as Rahl is currently being pushed by Tom "Cat" LeRoux with 14, Alan "Kid" Garcia with 12, and Justin "Doc" Garcia with 11.  It should be fun to see just how many offensive records fall this year.

Walker Wheels Challenge New Champion!

A formal challenge was presented by the captain of the Walker Wheels Tavern Base Ball Club to the Bay City Base Ball Club.


"Bay City Independents,
As the Captain of the Walker Tavern Wheels BBC, I would like to formally challenge the Bay City Base Ball Club, the current State of Michigan Champions, for the Cup at our upcoming game July 15th at 2pm to be played on your home field."
- James Terwilliger, Walker Wheels Tavern Base Ball Club


The challenge was then formally accepted by the captain of the Bay City Base Ball Club.


"As, a formal representative of the Bay City Base Ball Club, current State of Michigan Base Ball Champions, we of the Bay City Base Ball Club accept the challenge presented by the Walker Wheels Tavern Base Ball Club, this Sunday, July 15, to commence at 2pm at Carroll Park, Bay City, MI."- Jayme Johnson, captain of the Bay City Base Ball Club

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As of August 12, 2013



    1. Alan Garcia 63

    2. Sean LeRoux 55

    2. Tom LeRoux 55

    3. Jason McInerney 45

    4. Jeff Rahl 46

Runs Scored

    1. Sean LeRoux 43

    2. Alan Garcia 38

    3. Tom LeRoux 35

    4. Jason McInerney 29

    4. Jeff Rahl 29

    5. Dean Koch 18


    1. Sean LeRoux 2.68

    2. Alan Garcia 2.23

    3. Tom LeRoux 2.18

    4. Jason McInerney 1.81

    4  Jeff Rahl 1.81

    5. Brian Beceril 1.75



Extra Base Hits

    1. Tom LeRoux 26

    2. Jeff Rahl 22

    3. Alan Garcia 13

    4. Jason McInerney 10

    5. Brian Becerril 7

    5. Sean LeRoux 7

Home Runs

    1. Justin Garcia 2

    1. Jason McInerney 2

    2. Brian Beceril 1

    2. Alan Garcia 1

    2. Zachary Stedry 1

    2. Matt Barnard 1


Hands Lost/Game

    1. Sean LeRoux 1.50

    2. Tom LeRoux 1.56

    3. Alan Garcia 1.58

    4. Dean Koch 1.72

    5. Brian Becerril 1.87


Today's Independents Twitter updates

Independents vs old golds for the MI state cup at 2:30 at Carroll Park

Bay City advAnces to Championship. Defeats Wyandotte 8-2.

Saginaw defeats Gfv 19-12.

Independents vs Wyandot - 10:30am at Carroll Park.

Final day of the vintage season at Carroll Park today. Games have started for the MI state Cup.