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Bay City vs. LaDeDahs

World's Tournament Championship #2

Walnut Grove, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI

August 10, 2013


Bay City 29, LaDeDahs 8



Bay City's second match on their journey through the 2013 version of the World's Tournament of Vintage Base Ball, was to be played on the signature field of Walnut Grove against the signature club of Greenfield Village, the LaDeDahs.  Bay City has had the opportunity to meet against the LaDeDahs in a variety of venues, and the honor of playing some of their most memorable and exciting matches against this very group.  The Independents could only hope that their luck against the gents of Greenfield Village would be better then it had been in 2010 when they lost by one run in extra-innings in a match that was remarked to be one of the best ever played upon the grounds.


Bay City would again win the toss to begin the order of the striking, and as in the first match, chose to take the field.  The LaDeDahs would begin with a series of haymakers with Alex Moroz making his first on a daisy cutter.  Moroz would not stay put, and took his second by theft.  He was then brought to tally on a howitzer into the garden by Gary Hilebrand, who made his second on the blast.  Another safety by Mr. Murkowski would tally Hilebrand.  The next striker, Nick Moroz would lose his hand on a sky ball bottled by Jeff "Silverback" Rahl, the Independents third sacker, and then Mr. Ed Lynch would bound out to the catcher, Jayme "Cap" Johnson, to lose the second hand of the innings.   The Dahs would not be deterred however, as Scott Schillag, the sixth striker in the order, drove a liner deep into the long field to make his first, and move Murkowski to third.  Mr. Freeman would then drive home Murkowski with another garden grabber.  The next striker would lose his hand in much the same fashion as Moroz had lost the first, on a fly ball to Rahl, and the innings for the LaDeDahs would be complete with three runs tallied.


Finding themselves down by three runs in the first the Bay Citys took to striking, and by the time they were done they had left no doubt as to who the Independents were and what they were capable of.  Things began as they usually do with Sean "Tanner" LeRoux making his first on a liner to the garden.  He then moved to third on a howitzer to the right field that allowed Alan "Kid" Garcia to make his first.  The next hand was lost on a fly ball to the short stop, which then brought Jeff "Silverback" Rahl to the plate for the Bay Citys.  Rahl, with no railroad tracks to confine him on field one, punished the pill launching it into the long field beyond the grasp of the LaDeDah left fields man, Nick Moroz, driving in two runs and then pulling himself up into second sack.  The season long contest for the doubles title would continue with the next striker, Tom "Cat" LeRoux, LeRoux now stood at 22, while Rahl now held fast at 18, but the Cat would go one further with his next blast driving home the simeon and making his second for the 23rd time.  The next striker would lose his hand to sky ball bottled in left field by Moroz, but the Cat would move to third after tagging on the catch.  Anthony "Goodfella" Prasatek then took to the stripe for the first time in the contest with two hands down, and delivered a drive into the garden that tallied the Cat, and placed himself on second sack.  Prasatek would then move to third an a safety by Dean "Sawmill" Koch.  Koch would then take his second by theft, placing runners on second and third for the next striker, Jimmy "Two Quarts" Arnold, who dropped a sky ball just beyond the infield to drive home Prasatek. Matt "Barrel Roller" Barnard then stepped to the dish, fresh off his trot around the bases against the Early Risers, and put the apple into the right garden making his first and loading the bases.  Adam "Little Train" Johnson then replaced Barnard at first with a single of his own that allowed Koch to make his ace, and a liner into the left field by Jayme "Cap" Johnson then plated Arnold and Barnard.  In all the Bay Citys sent 13 men to the stripe and tallied 8 for the innings to take an 8-3 lead into the second frame of the match.


The Greenfield Village gents started off with a flourish in the second when their captain, George "Beast" Moroz sent a howitzer to the long field and made his first.  The next striker, Mr. McCabe, attempted to do the same, but he drove his ball into the short regions of the center field where Alan "Kid" Garcia scooped up the ball and then rifled the ball to the first sacker, Dean "Sawmill" Koch to kill McCabe there.  Moroz had now moved onto second base, but would proceed no further as Mr. Harder sent a daisy cutter into the infield that had him take his first, but kept Moroz anchored in place.  The next striker, Alex Moroz, then sent a similar ball into the short stop that was handled by Sean "Tanner" LeRoux, and LeRoux scampered to third to force Moroz the elder there.  The next hand was killed on a sky ball to the second sacker, Anthony "Goodfella" Prasatek, which skunked the Dahs in the second and snuffed their rally.



The Bay Citys wouldn't go as quietly in their second sending eleven strikers to the mark, and plated 6 more aces of their own to take a 15-3 lead into the third innings.  Mr. Murkowski would lead off the striking for the LaDeDahs in the third with a garden grabber that had him make his first, and would take his third on another safety by Nick Moroz.  Moroz would take this second by theft, and Murkowski would tally on a daisy cutter by Ed Lynch that was handled by LeRoux at short who tossed across the diamond to kill Lynch at first.  Moroz, who moved to third on the throw, then made his ace when Scott Schillag drove the ball into the garden for the second successive time, and made his first.  Schillag would move to third on a -howitzer from the bat of Mr. Freeman, who then took his second by theft.  Freeman would then make his third and Schillag would tally on an identical smash from Mr. Becker.  Becker would lose his hand on an attempted theft of second as the Bay City catcher, Jayme "Cap" Johnson killed his hand, and froze the runner at third sack.  Captain Moroz would then send a sky ball to the long field that was bottled in style by the Independents left fields man Tom "Cat" LeRoux.  The match now stood at Bay City 14, and Greenfield Village 6.


Bay City would now resume striking and sent sixteen strikers to the stripe in their third innings, and tallied a baker's dozen.  Strikers of note were Alan "Kid" Garcia, Jeff "Silverback" Rahl, and Matt "Barrel Roller" Barnard each of whom made their second on their respective strikes.  Bay City now held the lead at 27 to 6.


Beaten, bowed, and bloodied, but undeterred the LaDeDahs took to striking in their fourth innings and tallied twice more for their club, and Bay City would answer with a matching mark in their fourth highlighted by a howitzer from the bat of Brian "Butterfly" Becerril that soared beyond the reach of the Dahs left fielder, Alex Moroz, which allowed the Independent's pitcher to make his second.  Due to the constraints of time, not often felt on a base ball diamond, the contest would close in the fourth with Bay City heading to the Championship of the Chadwick Region against the Columbus Capitals in their next match.






Good Morning Walnut Grove!

Bay City vs. Early Risers

World's Tournament Game #1

Walnut Grove #2, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI

August 10, 2013


Bay City 18, Early Risers 2



The dew still weighed heavy on the grass of Walnut Grove, and the sun was just beginning to peak through the trees that lined the long field behind the tracks of the iron horse as the Bay City Independents readied themselves for the start of their 8th trek through the World's Tournament bracket at Greenfield Village.  Their opponent on the day, ironically enough, was the Early Risers.  This club takes their name from one of Detroit, and Michigan's earliest clubs who were known for their early practice times, so it was apropos that the start time for this match was 8 am.


Bay City would begin the match by wining the coin toss, and then taking the field.  It seemed a wise choice as the Independents skunked the Early Risers, and then took to striking with aplomb. Sean "Tanner" LeRoux led things off with a daisy cutter to third, upon which he made his first.  He then moved to second when Alan "Kid" Garcia shot a liner into the long field, and made his first.  The next hand would be lost on a fly to the catcher, which brought Jeff "Silverback" Rahl to the plate for his first trip of the day.  After practicing his deep breathing exercises at the plate, a move found to be intimidating by some, but also known to attract mates in the wild, the Silverback mashed the apple into the palisades lining the long field for a double.  This brought LeRoux to tally the first run for the match, and moved Garcia to third.  Rahl and Garcia would not be stationary for long, as Tom "Cat" LeRoux took to the plate, and added to his season long two bagger records with his 22nd of the season.  The Independents now had two runners home with the Cat at second, and Rahl at third.  This brought the newly married Brian "Butterfly" Becerril to the dish, and his blast outdistanced them all punishing the pill beyond the tracks and the trees for the third two base making garden grabber in a row.  Becerril's blast would drive home two runs for Bay City, who now had four in the innings.


The second hand in the innings was killed on another fly to the catcher, but the Bay Citys began another parade around the pillows which began with a perfect liner into the garden by Dean "Sawmill" Koch.  Koch's safety drove home Becerril for the fifth ace for Bay City in the first.  Jimmy "Two Quarts" Arnold then moved Koch to second on his own sky ball that fell behind the defense of the Early Risers, and each of them moved up on a similar shot by the hot hitting, Matt "Barrel Roller" Barnard.  Adam "Little Train" Johnson then took his turn at the stripe, and plated Mr. Koch with a single to the garden.  The bases remained full when Jayme "Cap" Johnson stood in at the dish, and drove the ball down the left field line to drive home two more runs.  Johnson and Johnson would move to second and third respectively on stolen bases, and the Train would pull into the station with the ninth, and final run of the innings thanks to another base maker from Sean "Tanner" LeRoux, his second of the innings.


After one innings the score was Bay City 9 and Early Risers 0.  The Bay City defense would whitewash the Risers of Detroit for the next three innings, at which time they would add one run in their second thanks to a three bagger from Jason "Buttons" McInerney, and three runs in their third.  The runs in the third included a stroll around the bases by none other then Matt "Barrel Roller" Barnard who made his home run thanks in part to an errant throw that lodged the ball beneath the seating placed by the first base line.  As no mention of a ground rule regarding the seating was agreed upon before the start of the match it allowed Barnard to make his circuit and tally for himself and Jimmy "Two Quarts" Arnold who had preceded him in making his first.  The third run of the innings was thanks to the fine striking of Sean "Tanner" LeRoux who made his third on a howitzer to the long field, and tallied on a safety by Alan "Kid" Garcia.


Bay City would be skunked by the fine defense of the Early Risers in their fourth, and the total for the contest was now in Bay Citys favor at 13-0.  That was when the Early Risers made their only aces of the contest thanks to successive strikes by Spoonman, Buster, and Dirt.  Dirt's strike would drive home the Spoonman, and after Spotlight lost his hand on a drive taken by the Bay City pitcher, Brian "Butterfly" Becerril, Buster would tally on a howitzer from Wrench that had him make his second.  The second hand of the innings would be lost thanks to another fine defensive play by Becerril when a throw to home plate by the center fields man, Alan "Kid" Garcia, attempted to kill Buster's hand was cut off by Becerril who promptly threw to third and killed Dirt there.  The third hand of the innings would be lost as Hurricane hit a daisy cutter that was handled by Jeff "Silverback" Rahl at third and tossed across the diamond to first sacker Dean "Sawmill" Koch who deftly handled the apple for the out.


The Early Risers would be turned away for the rest of the contest while, Bay City would tally five more times with one in the fifth, and four in their sixth bringing finality to the ledger at Bay City 18, and the Early Risers 2.  Bay City would move on in the Championship Bracket with a greater appreciation for the improved play of the Early Risers whose hands in the long field were much steadier then the last time these two clubs had met, but whose manner and grace remained as excellent as ever.

No Soup for You!


Bay City vs. Saginaw

Ojibway Island, Saginaw, MI

August 1, 2013


Bay City 13, Saginaw 19


There is nothing that so perks up a sunny, summer Thursday evening like a visit with old friends, and nothing makes that visit more interesting then a challenge.  Such was the case this evening on beautiful Ojibway Island as the Independents of Bay City challenged the current State of Michigan Champion, Saginaw Old Golds in a match game of base ball for the rights to the Championship Cup and the honor of unseating them.  This script was reversed a season ago, and in that challenge Bay City would repel the Saginaws in a close match and retain the Cup.  A rather large crowd gathered in the hopes that tonight's match would be near as exciting.


The coin toss to determine striking was watched over by the day's umpire, Tom "Golden Rule" Mudd, and Bay City was foiled again as the Golds won the toss and determined to take the field.  This allowed the Independents to begin the days striking, and that was exactly what they did as Tanner LeRoux led things off with a daisy cutter that slipped momentarily from the grasp of the Golds third sacker, Mike "Oxbow" Ossy, and allowed the mercurial lead striker to make his first.  LeRoux would move to second on another garden grabber from the bat of Alan "Kid" Garcia.  The next hand would be lost on a sky ball bottled by the Golds first sacker, and that brought Jeff "Silverback" Rahl to the plate with runners on first and second.  On his first attempt Rahl rocketed a ball that was thought to be fair, but was judged foul.  This ball would most assuredly allowed Rahl to make his first, and moved all the base runners forward one base.  Thank heavens that the ball was judged to be foul, as the next pitch Rahl struck was no where near foul, and was sent somewhere into the next county long beyond the reach of Gold's gardeners.  This climactic clout brought LeRoux and Garcia to tally and saw the Silverback make his third.


Rahl would not stay seated for long, as the next striker, Tom "Cat" LeRoux would bring him to tally with his 19th double of the season.  This mid-season total would match Rahl's record setting efforts for all of last season, and puts him on record to smash the aforementioned simeon's extra-base margins from 2012.  LeRoux would then tally thanks to a liner sent into the left field by one Jeremy "Schoolboy" Stedry, but the aces would end there, and Bay City would hold the lead at 4-0.


The Old Golds would meet the Independents' charge with one of their own, and plated three aces thanks to the efforts of Jon "Boozehound" Smith, Captain Adam "Squints" McCauley, and short stop Toby "Scoops" Larkin. After completing their round of striking in their first innings the Golds then skunked the Independents, who would strand two runners, and then went back to striking themselves.  Jason Leppek would lead the innings off with a howitzer into the willow tree in the right field that allowed him to make his second.  The next four strikers for Saginaw would make base safely including Nate "Grizzly" Hall who would mirror Leppek's success by making his second as well.  The Saginaws would tally 6 times in the innings, and at the completion of two innings the State Champions held the lead at 9 to 4.


In the third innings Bay City would send Alan "Kid" Garcia to the plate to open the striking, and he promptly deposited the ball into the long field and made his first.  Garcia would move to second on Jason "Buttons" McInerney's daisy cutter into the garden, and would tally after Jeff "Silverback" Rahl drove another howitzer into the long field.  Tom "Cat" LeRoux would then plate McInerney with his second consecutive hit.  Rahl would move to third on a ground ball from the bat of Schoolboy Stedry that killed LeRoux at second, and then made his ace on a sky ball to the outer garden that was bottled in style for the second hand lost of the innings.  Rahl's run would be the final for Bay City in the inning capping their uprising at three, and bringing their total to 7.  Saginaw would tally twice thanks to a cannonade from Toby Larkin that drove in the two aforementioned runs, and saw him make his second.  After three innings the tally read Saginaw 11, and Bay City 7.


Despite trailing in the contest the Bay Citys had won two of the first three innings, and they would gain a third in the fourth.  The inning began with Branden "The Rope" Revette making his first, but then losing his hand at second sack on a ground ball to the short stop, Toby Larkin, from the bat of Jimmy "Two Quarts" Arnold.  Arnold would move to third on a long drive into the garden by Matt "Barrel Roller" Barnard, which also placed Barnard on second.  Arnold and Barnard would then tally on a garden grabber from the bat of Jayme "Cap" Johnson, that saw Johnson take his second.  The scoring would end there for Bay City, and the Independents would skunk the Saginaws in their fourth bringing the margin ever closer at Saginaw 11, Bay City 9.


In the fifth innings the Bay Citys would get two doubles from the willow whipping of Buttons McInerney, and Tom LeRoux, yet somehow they didn't tally and the Independents would be whitewashed.  The Old Golds, on the other hand, would lose their first two hands in the fifth, and appeared to be on the verge of losing their third when a string of misfortune, and fine striking allowed the Saginaws to tally three more times with the bottom of their order.  After the fifth innings the total was now Saginaw 14, and Bay City 9.


The score would be unchanged in the sixth as each team would be skunked and the innings a draw.  In the seventh innings though the Independents would begin their striking in fine form thanks to another safety from the stick of Barrel Roller Barnard.  Barnard would move to second on a ground ball fielded by the catcher that killed the next hand at first, and he would move to third on a daisy cutter from Tanner LeRoux that had him make his first.  Alan "Kid" Garcia would then come to the plate, and after surveying the defenders promptly placed the apple into the right field garden well beyond the reach of the Golds defense.  Barnard and LeRoux would each tally and Garcia would make his third on the blast.  The Kid would not stay hitched at third for long, as the next striker, Buttons McInerney would make his first as well and drove Garcia home.  Buttons would move to third on another blast from Silverback Rahl, and tallied the inning's final run on a sky ball bottled in left field.  The score was now Bay City 13, and Saginaw 14.


The match was now a tight scratch, but would remain so ever briefly, when the Golds would tally twice in their seventh with Big Wheel Beemer, and Chad Short each making their ace.  Saginaw would now hold a three run lead.  Bay City would advance runners into scoring position in each of their eighth and ninth innings, but would be skunked in each.  The Golds however, would tally once in their eighth, and then twice more in their ninth winning the match and keeping the Cup with a total of 19 aces to Bay City's 13.


After congratulations and cheers for both sides, the clubs reclined at Heck's Bar where they enjoyed the hospitality of Mr. Harold Campau.  Each club looks forward to their next opportunity to take the field again, and to root for the success of the Great Lakes Bay Region at the upcoming World's Tournament to be held at Greenfield Village on August 10-11.




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As of August 12, 2013



    1. Alan Garcia 63

    2. Sean LeRoux 55

    2. Tom LeRoux 55

    3. Jason McInerney 45

    4. Jeff Rahl 46

Runs Scored

    1. Sean LeRoux 43

    2. Alan Garcia 38

    3. Tom LeRoux 35

    4. Jason McInerney 29

    4. Jeff Rahl 29

    5. Dean Koch 18


    1. Sean LeRoux 2.68

    2. Alan Garcia 2.23

    3. Tom LeRoux 2.18

    4. Jason McInerney 1.81

    4  Jeff Rahl 1.81

    5. Brian Beceril 1.75



Extra Base Hits

    1. Tom LeRoux 26

    2. Jeff Rahl 22

    3. Alan Garcia 13

    4. Jason McInerney 10

    5. Brian Becerril 7

    5. Sean LeRoux 7

Home Runs

    1. Justin Garcia 2

    1. Jason McInerney 2

    2. Brian Beceril 1

    2. Alan Garcia 1

    2. Zachary Stedry 1

    2. Matt Barnard 1


Hands Lost/Game

    1. Sean LeRoux 1.50

    2. Tom LeRoux 1.56

    3. Alan Garcia 1.58

    4. Dean Koch 1.72

    5. Brian Becerril 1.87


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