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No! Sleep! Til Brooklyn!....or Log-Rolling

No! Sleep! Til Brooklyn!……or Log-Rolling!


Bay City vs. Brooklyn NY

Walnute Grove #1, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI

World’s Tournament, Haney Region Championship Match

August 10, 2014


Bay City 13, Brooklyn 9



In 1867 the Detroit Base Ball Club, in an effort to lure the greatest base ball clubs from the East Coast out to the Midwest, held a tournament that they named, “The World’s Tournament of Base Ball.”  If the name wasn’t  enticing enough, they also offered a $300 prize, and a rosewood bat to the winning club.  Their hope was that the winning club would then play in a match against them, and the Detroit Club could prove their mettle against the very best.  Their hopes were dashed when no East Coast clubs arrived, until now.  The Brooklyn Atlantics Base Ball Club were Champions of America in 1865, and were also notorious for ending the Cincinatti Red Stockings 92 game winning streak in 1870, in what would be history’s first extra-innings game.  The modern day version of the Atlantics are more than on par with their historical counterparts, and are quite renown for their fine, heady play, and their scientific methods on the diamond, and so there was little surprise to find them in this Regional Championship Match.  


Nearly a year ago, the Bay Citys were fortunate enough to pit their skills agains the Atlantics in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and they found themselves on the losing end of the match.  That string continued this morning, as they also lost their first coin toss of the Tournament.  The Atlantics, having won the toss, allowed the Independents to strike first.  Sandwiched between two sky balls that were bottled in the long field, Kid Garcia made his first, then traversed to second when Jason “Logger” Leppek launched another ball over the train tracks in right field.  Cat Leroux, the fifth striker in the Bay City order, then drove the ball into the right field as well, and loaded the bases.  Brian “Butterfly” Becerril then picked up where he left off in the previous day’s matches, and drove a howitzer into the right center garden driving home Garcia and Leppek, moving LeRoux to third, and planting himself firmly at second sack.  The Butterfly would move to third on a muckle shot from the stick of Buttons McInerney, but the Irish would find his luck had run out when he his hand was killed during an attempted theft of second, which ended the innings for Bay City.


The Atlantics wouldn’t take long to make their presence felt, as their lead striker, and fine left fields man Dirty Pirate, went searching for booty in the long field and planted his Jolly Roger at second sack.  The Brooklyn third sacker, Shakespeare, showed that he had no trouble straightening out his Longfellow when he drove the soiled sailor home by planting the onion in the right garden.  Shakespeare would lose his hand, however when the Atlantic’s short stop Dream Bucket Emma hit a hot daisy cutter to short stop, which Tanner LeRoux flipped to second sack for the first hand lost.  The next two gents would lose their hands to sky balls handled in the long field, and so the Bay Citys would win the first innings with a tally of 3-1.


Branden “The Rope” Revette would begin the second innings for Bay City with a garden grabber that put him safely at first.  He would proceed no further, as Dream Bucket Emma proved worthy of his moniker by handling a daisy cutter from the willow of Schoolboy Stedry, sliding over to second sack to force Revette, and then rifling the ball to first to finish a twin-killing.  Emma would finish the innings for Bay City by snatching Jimmy “Two Quarts” Arnold’s hot line drive.



Brooklyn Takes Control


After laying on a fine coat of white wash on the Independents, the Brooklynites took to striking in their second innings with a fever pitch.  Three straight safeties loaded the bases for the Atlantics, and the fourth striker in the innings, Cuzzzz, nearly cleared the deck driving a howitzer through the leaping hands of Jason “Buttons” McInerny in center field.  Cuzzz was held up at third after driving home three runners, but would then tally on a sky ball to left field that was bottled by Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry.  The next two strikers would lose their hands on balls handled by Tom “Cat” LeRoux at second sack, but the damage was done as the Atlantics had now won the second innings, and taken the lead in the contest at 5-3.


The third innings would prove slightly more successful than the second for the Bay Citys.  Aaron “The Constable” Gerken laced a drive into the long field that had him make his second with one hand down.   Gerken would be frozen at second when Matt “Barrel Roller” Barnard would make his first with a ball struck in the hole betwixt short stop and third sack.  Adam “Ca-Ca-Nuts” Johnson then hit a ground ball handled by Emma for the Atlantics, and it seemed like it might be another double play, but Gerken played the points and forced Emma to chase him for the tag, which then allowed Barnard to make his second, as well as Johnson to reach his first.  This maneuver would prove quite important, as this brought the top of the order to the dish for Bay City, and Tanner LeRoux wasted little time mashing the apple into the long field, making his second and rolling the Barrel home.  The next hand would be killed on a ground ball handled by the short stop, and Bay City made the contest a tighter scratch at 5-4.


The Atlantics would lose their first hand in the third on a foul tick to Revette, which then brought up the top of the Brooklyn order, and the Dirty Pirate found his way to second sack again.  Shakespeare would then drive him home, and then move to second on a drive into the garden from Dream Bucket Emma.  Shakespeare and Emma would then move up one base each on a daisy cutter handled by Jimmy “Two Quarts” Arnold, who then tossed to Leppek at first to kill Toothpick, the fifth striker in the innings,  hand.  Flash, the Atlantics first base man, then pushed the pill into the long field to make his first and drive home Shakespeare and Dream Bucket.  He would progress no further, as the next batsman, Hawk, struck a ball that was again taken on the right side of the field by Arnold who then

flipped the ball to Tanner LeRoux who was covering second to kill Flash’s hand.  The Bay Citys were now trailing the Brooklyn nine 8-4.


Bay City makes their Move


Just as in the previous days match against the Village LaDeDahs, when the Bay Citys found their grip on the contest slipping, the Silverback took the lead.  Jeff “Silverback” Rahl would lead off the innings for Bay City and gave them the lift they needed by driving a deep howitzer over the heads of the Atlantic long fielders, and making his second with ease.  Rahl’s apple mashing partner, Logger Leppek, then moved Rahl to third with daisy cutter past first sack.  Leppek then took his second by theft, and moved onto third when Cat LeRoux also found the long field, drove Rahl to tally, and made his first.  Becerril then came to the dish, and drove a liner over the short stop to make his first.  Now with another run home, men on first and second sack, Buttons McInerney  put the ball into the right field, made his first and drove home Cat LeRoux.  Becerril was now at third sack, and so McInerney like any good Irishman would, stole his second.  The next hand was recorded on a tip to the catcher, and then Schoolboy Stedry did some fine work striking a sky ball into the left field that was bottled by the Pirate.  The drive was deep enough to bring home Becerril, who was tagging at third, but Pirates throw came in to Shakespeare halting McInerney at second.  The Bay Citys now had two hands lost when Two Quarts found the garden just beyond the short stop and moved McInerney to third.  McInerney would tally the final run of the innings for Bay City after Cap Johnson brought him home with a garden grabber placed safely behind second sack.  The Bay Citys had now retaken the lead in the contest at 9-8.


The Independents would skunk the Atlantics in the fourth, and again in the fifth.  They however, would not stop striking adding three runs in their fifth thanks in part to a two hands down long howitzer from the bat of Logger Leppek.  Leppek’s blast allowed him to make his second, and drove home Barnard, Tanner LeRoux, and Kid Garcia.  Bay City would add the final tally of the contest for themselves in their sixth innings, and the Dirty Pirate would match it for the Atlantics in theirs.


Each club would swap whitewash in the final innings with Jeff “Silverback” Rahl displaying the type of honorable play for which Bay City has become known.  The Atlantics had no men on, down by four runs, and their striker Krawler hit a sky ball destined for foul territory down the left field line.  Rahl turned, gave chase and then dove to make the apparent, game ending, foul bound catch, which brought applause from the benches and the crowd.  The umpire was ready to give the out, and the contest to Bay City, when Rahl unasked, informed the umpire that the out should not be recorded as the ball had bounded twice.  Perhaps it was then Karma, which found the next pitch driven to Rahl, who handled it neatly on a hop, and promptly flung it to Leppek at first to record THE final hand.



It was a match that was remarkable in it’s defensive play, and scientific striking.  A match over a hundred years in the making at the World’s Tournament, and a victory that Bay City was proud to have.  The boys would now look forward to making a return trip to the Championship Match for the third time in four seasons, and they could take honor from knowing they could compete with the mighty Atlantics.

A Valant Effort....or Butterfly Kisses

A Valant Effort….or Butterfly Kisses


Bay City vs. GFV LaDeDahs

Walnut Grove #1, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan

World’s Tournament, Game #2

August 9, 2014


Bay City 14, LaDeDahs 5



It had been a rematch nearly a year in the making as the Bay Citys would take to the green of Walnut Grove #1 for their second match of the day, this time pitting themselves against the home club, The LaDeDah Base Ball Club of Greenfield Village.  Last year the Bay Citys were fortunate enough to couple some good fielding with excellent striking to defeat their friends the LaDeDahs, 29-8.  This year’s group of Greenfield Village gentlemen, captained by Jeff “Cougar” Koslowski, were out to avenge that loss today.


Dr. Marcus “Razorback” Dickson would be the umpire for this match, and oversaw the coin toss, which Bay City would win for a second time on this day, and again the Bay Citys elected to take the field.  The Dahs wouldn’t wait long to get started as “Mad Dog” Matt Valant, the fine short stop for the villagers, used his skill at striking the fair-foul to put himself on first.  Valant would move to second when the next striker Bobby Murkowski hit a daisy cutter to second that Bay City’s Tom “Cat” LeRoux deftly fielded, and then killed Murkowski’s hand with a throw to first.  The next striker, the LaDeDah captain, Cougar Koslowski, then put the onion into the garden to make his first, and tallied Valant from second for the game’s first run.  Adam “Stonewall” Goerring, the fourth village striker would match his captain’s clout, and put himself safely at first moving Koslowski to second.  The rally would end however, as the next striker would lose his hand on a sky ball bottled by Bay City’s, Kid Garcia in right field, and then Mr. Nick Wincent hit a grounder to short stop that the Independent’s, Tanner LeRoux fielded and then flipped to his elder sibling at second to kill Goerring for the innings final hand lost.


The slim lead for the Dahs would not be held long, as Tanner LeRoux would put himself safely at first to begin the striking for the Bay Citys, and Kid Garcia would swiftly follow suit.  Garcia’s hand would be killed at second sack, on a hot daisy cutter that placed Jeff “Silverback” Rahl at first.  Rahl played the points and took his third by theft, putting runners at second and third for Jason “Logger” Leppek.  Leppek played his part, striking a grounder behind the runners that killed his hand at first, but moved the aforementioned runners up one base each tallying Tanner with Bay Citys first run.  Tom “Cat” LeRoux then drove home Rahl from third with a neatly placed ball into his opposite field, that being right, and he made his first.  That brought Brian “Butterfly” Becerril to the dish with two hands down, and the Cat on first.  The Butterfly launched a howitzer into the right center garden that sent Cougar Koslowski, the villagers center fields man and previously mentioned captain, scrambling to retrieve the rocketed orb.  By the time the onion returned to the infield Cat had tallied and Becerril stood safely at second.  The Butterfly would not remain stationary long however, as he put some serious steam on his engine and scored from second sack on a strike into the right field by Jason “Buttons” McInerney.  McInerney would make his second on the throw to home plate that attempted to net the Butterfly, but he would progress no further as Branden “The Rope” Revette’s hand was killed on a brilliant line drive catch by Mr. Lawson of the LaDeDahs at third.  Bay City now held the lead in the match at 4-1 after one full innings of play.



The LaDeDah Uprising!


The village gents would begin their next inning by losing their first two hands on sky balls to second, and short respectively, but then rebounded nicely with three straight garden grabbers that allowed Mr. Thomas “Olaf” Lawson to make his ace.  The match would go unchanged as the Independents would be whitewashed in their second.


Valant would lead the third innings off for the villagers, and would again employ the fair-foul to make his first.  Valant would then make his second on a drive into the garden by Bobby Murkowski.  The LaDeDah captain, Koslowski then mashed the apple into the left field where it was retrieved by Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry.  Stedry took note that the mercurial Valant was attempting to tally on the play, and so he launched a throw in from the long field that was handled by Jeff “Silverback” Rahl at third, Rahl then rifled a throw to Branden “The Rope” Revette at home that nearly nipped Valant to kill his hand.  The quick thinking Revette noticed Murkowski hoping to make his third after the confusion at the dish, and relayed the apple back to the waiting hands of Rahl who put the tag on to kill Murkowski.  Koslowski at first and one hand down, Adam “Stonewall”Goerring would bring the home crowd to it’s collective feet with howitzer deep into the long field that sent Stedry and McInerney of the Bay Citys racing.  The ball made it’s arrival back into the infield just in time to see Stonewall stationed at third sack, and Koslowski safe at home.  Goerring would be stranded at third however, as William Dean’s hand was killed on a fine running catch by Sean Tanner LeRoux at short stop, and then Wincent’s hand was lost to a line drive captured by Butterfly Becerril on a shot back through the box.  The match however, was now tied at 4.


In their third, the Bay Citys desperately needed an answer to the previous LaDeDah efforts.  Matt “Mad Dog” Valant, the village short stop, had other plans.  Adam “Ca-Ca-Nuts” Johnson led off the innings for the Independents and struck a ball that seemed destined for the long field that Valant retreated on and bottled for the first hand lost.  Tanner LeRoux then made his first on a daisy cutter to the third sack, that was not retrieved in time.  It was then that Valant stepped to the fore again ranging to his right, and making a sliding stop of a ball from the bat of Kid Garcia, Mad Dog then flipped to second to kill LeRoux, and then the ball was quickly relayed to first for a twin killing to end the innings for Bay City.


The match now tied, and Bay City rebuffed in two successive attempts at striking, Olaf Lawson stepped to the plate and struck a howitzer over the head of Buttons McInerney in the center field.  Lawson would amble his way to third sack before the ball was returned to the pitcher, Butterfly Becerril.  It was now, with the LaDeDah crowd on it’s feet, the leading run on third, and no hands recorded, that the proverbial worm turned.  The next striker in the village order was Mr. Spiteman, who had made his first in his previous at bat, but this time the tandem of Becerril at the pitcher, and Revette behind the bat were able to coax Spiteman into a foul tip out handled by the Rope.  The next striker then hit a sky ball that was bottled by Rahl at third, and the final out was recorded on another infield sky ball, this time bottled by LeRoux at short.  This would leave Lawson at third, and essentially slammed the door on the LaDeDahs chances.



The Bay Citys Pull Away!


Jeff “Silverback” Rahl, the ideal lead off hitter, would lead the charge for the Independents, and hit a liner into the hole between third and short stop to begin the innings.  Jason “Logger” Leppek would then wow the crowd by punishing the pill sending it over the trees in right field and out of play.  Due to the ground rules Leppek’s colossal clout would only allow he and Rahl to progress only one base forward, so now the Bay Citys had runners on first and second.  Cat LeRoux would lose his hand to fine catch of his sky ball by Goerring in left field.  Butterfly Becerril would then come to the plate and found the long field again with a strike that brought the deceptively speedy Silverback to tally, moved Leppek to third, and put the Butterfly at first.  Becerril would then take his second through theft, and both he and Leppek would score on a howitzer placed in the right center field by Buttons McInerney.  Rope Revette would then move McInerney to second with a safety of his own.  Then Valant pulled another trick out of his bag and made a fine catch of Schoolboy Stedry’s liner which killed the second hand of the innings, and froze the runners in their place.  Jimmy Two Quarts Arnold would find his form however, make his first and tally McInerney from second.  The next hand would be killed on a sky ball into the center garden to end the innings.  Bay City now held the lead at 8-4.


The LaDeDahs would put up their final tally in the fifth innings thanks to a howitzer into the long field from the bat of Cougar Koslowski, but they would then be whitewashed for the entirety of the contest.  Bay City however, would add another run in their sixth, and then five more in the seventh innings thanks to some long striking by Jeff “Silverback” Rahl, Jason Logger Leppek, and Brian Butterfly Becerril.



The final tally would read Bay City 14, and the LaDeDahs 5, but the ending line would give little indication of the fine, and exciting play that was sandwiched in betwixt.  The Independents would now move on to play on the morrow in the championship match for the Haney Region.

Return of the Mac..or Feeling Minnesota

Return of the Mac….or Feeling Minnesota


Bay City vs. Chelsea

Walnut Grove #1, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI

World’s Tournament

Game #1



Bay City 30, Chelsea 4


The weather and the grounds upon Walnut Grove #1 were the best that they have ever been during 9 trips to the World’s Tournament of Historic Base Ball for the Independents of Bay City, as they began yet another journey together in the hopes of a championship.  The first match pitted the Bay Citys vs. the Monitor Base Ball Club of Chelsea, Michigan whom the Bay Citys had recently met almost precisely one month previous in our fine city by the Bay.


The Independents would win the coin toss, and elected to take their last at bats, and so their fields men took their positions.  It was then that one Jason “Buttons” McInerney took to the center field, and thus made his first appearance for the Bay Citys on the season.  Buttons had ventured all the way from his new homestead near Mankedo, Minnesota, just to take part in the festivities with his old compatriots.  It was then, also that the Independents discovered that the Monitors had an old friend rejoin them for the event as well, as Mr. Redstick Perry was listed fourth in the Chelsea striking order.  It didn’t take long for Mr. Perry to make his presence felt, as well as noticed, as he would come to the plate with runners on first and third base with only one hand lost.  Redstick would drive home the Chelsea captain, Honest Jon Van Hoek, from third with howitzer into the left center garden, and now with the games first ace tallied the Monitors still had men on first and third with but one hand lost.  The fifth striker in the contest for the Chelsea club, Doe stepped to the stripe and drove the onion deep into the center field to drive in two more runs, and he then placed himself squarely on second sack.  He would progress no further, as he attempted to make his third on a pitch that was muffed by the catcher, and was promptly killed at third on a fine throw by Branden “The Rope” Revette who was playing behind the batter on this day.  The play was noted by the opposition, and there would be no further attempts at thieving bases for the rest of the match.  The next hand was lost on a sky ball bottled by Alan “Kid” Garcia on the right field hill, and so the Chelsea rally was ended, but they took a 3-0 lead in their first innings.


The Bay Citys took to striking in their first, but were only able to place one of their first three strikers on the bases, and so it was that with two hands lost and Alan “Kid” Garcia the only runner aboard that Jason “Logger” Leppek came to the plate and punished the pill driving it over the tracks in right field to make his first.  Now with Garcia at second and Leppek at first Tom “Cat” LeRoux would take to striking and put a sky ball into the right field beyond the grasp of the fields man.  LeRoux would make his first, but more importantly Garcia would tally and Leppek would move to third.  Leroux would then take his second due to theft, and then Leppek and LeRoux would tally after Brian “The Butterfly” Becerril mashed the apple deep into the left center garden to make his second.  The Butterfly would then flutter home with the fourth run of the innings when the aforementioned prodigal son, Jason “Buttons” McInerney placed the ball into the right field garden to make his first.  The long two hands lost rally would end there as the next hand would be lost, but the Bay Citys now held a lead they would not relinquish for the entirety of the contest.


The Bay Citys would skunk the Monitors in their second, and would then add to their lead with an enormous hit parade, and subsequent jaunt around the diamond.  The Independents would send eleven strikers to the mark in the innings, with five gents driving howitzers deep enough into the garden to make their seconds.  The strikers of said note were, in order, Jeremy Schoolboy Stedry, Aaron “The Constable” Gerken, Sean “Tanner” LeRoux, Alan “Kid” Garcia, and Jeff “Silverback” Rahl.  Each of these gents would also tally in the innings, and joining them in the ledger would be the names of Jayme “Cap” Johnson, and Matt “Barrell Roller” Barnard.  That would be a total of seven runs for the Bay Citys in their second innings.  Perhaps the greatest wallop of the innings however, would come from the willow of the Logger, one Jason Leppek, who crushed a cannonade into the right center garden that caromed off the palisades, and allowed Leppek to make his third.  Unfortunately he would not tally, and he would be left at third.  Bay City now led 11-3.


The Monitors would tally their fourth and final run for the match in their third innings, when Crusher made his first and was brought to tally thanks to consecutive, two hands lost garden grabbers from the sticks of Honest Jon, and Hawgcooker.  The Bay Citys would double the Chelsea efforts in their third tallying twice with Butterfly Becerril and Buttons McInerney making their ace thanks to a pair of safeties from the bats of Schoolboy Stedry and Jimmy “Two Quarts” Arnold.  The score now stood at 13-4 for Bay City.



The Chelsea club would be whitewashed by the fine play of the Bay City fields men, and the pitching tandem of Aaron “The Constable” Gerken, and Brian “The Butterfly” Beceriil for the finality of the match, but the Independents wouldn’t cease striking, tallying seventeen more times for our home club.  The match would be completed with the score Bay City 30, and Chelsea 4.  Now the Independents would head into their next match in the Tournament against the home club LaDeDahs, in what looked to be a fine match up indeed.

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As of July 23, 2014



    1. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 39

    2. Alan “Kid” Garcia 36

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 30

    4. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 25

    5. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 25

Runs Scored

    1. Sean "Tanner" LeRoux 29

    2. Alan "Kid" Garcia 27

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 21

    4. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 14

    5. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 11


    1. Sean "Tanner" LeRoux 3.22

    2. Alan "Kid" Garcia 3.00

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 2.33

    4. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 1.75

    5. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 1.38


Extra Base Hits

    1. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 13

    2. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 9

    3. Alan "Kid" Garcia 7

    3. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 7

    4. Aaron “The Constable” Gerken 3

Home Runs

    1. Alan “Kid” Garcia 1



Hands Lost/Game

    1. Alan “Kid” Garcia 1.11

    2. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 1.44

    3. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 1.63

    4. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 1.78

    5. Jimmy “Two Quarts” Arnold 1.88