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Beginning at the End!

Bay City hosts Greenfield Village • May 19, 2012 • Carroll Park, Bay City, MI

Bay City 19, Greenfield Village 6


The Independents would open their season for 2012 with the last opponent they faced in 2011, the Greenfield Village La-de-dahs.  The Dah's had defeated the Bay Citys in extra-innings to take the State Championship 15-14 in late September, and the Independents hoped that scheduling the State Champions early would allow them an opportunity to take the Championship from them in 2012.   Alas, the Independents' planning proved futile, as the week previous to their scheduled match the Greenfield Village boys lost the Championship Cup to the Regular Base Ball Club of Mount Clemens, so the days match would go off without the potential for a Championship for the Bay Citys.  The aforementioned wrinkle would however be the only flaw in the Bay Citys plan, as they took to the field against the Villagers and played excellently throughout.


Extras! Extras!

Extras Extras!

Bay City vs. Saginaw  •  Carroll Park, Bay City, MI  •  September 10, 2011  •  Bay City 14, Saginaw 13


            The weather was gorgeous at historic, Carroll Park when the Independents welcomed the Saginaw Old Golds to play at their home grounds for only the second time in four years.  The last time the Bay Citys hosted the Saginaws at this scenic park was 2008 in the Old Golds inaugural season.  Bay City was fortunate enough to bring home victory in that match, but it would be the last for them against Saginaw in their next 6 tries.  It was that string of defeats, including one in the Championship Match of this year’s World’s Tournament that the Independents sought cut short on this day. 

            The match began with the ceremonial coin toss, which was won by the Saginaws.  The Old Golds chose to take the field and so left the start of the contest to the Independents who then went to striking with impudence.  Tanner LeRoux led the match off with a brilliant safety, but the next hand was lost thanks to a one handed snag by the Saginaw left fielder, John “Lumberjack” Piersall.  The next striker, Brian “Butterfly” Becerril launched a sky-ball to the center field that caromed off the Gold’s captain, Adam McCaully, and moved LeRoux to third while Becerril took his first.  That brought Doc Garcia to the plate, and the good doctor would not disappoint sending a howitzer over the fence in right field placing the onion into the pond beyond it for a home run.  After a base running mishap caused the second hand of the innings to be lost for the Bay Citys Rope Revette started up the striking again by sending a cannonaded over the left field that saw him make his second.  Revette would tally on another long ball by Jason “Buttons” McInerney that brought him to second.  The scoring would end there with the Independents putting four runs in the ledger.

            The Saginaws would not go quietly and placed their lead striker, Lumberjack Piersall, safely on first sack.  He would not stay their for long as the Saginaws Captain, Adam McCaully, fully recovered from his skull thumping shot in center field, mashed the apple deep into the long field tallying Piersall and placing himself squarely on third sack.  The next striker, Scoops Larkin, would drive home McCaully with a ground ball to third base that would lose the first hand of the innings for the Golds.  Thanks to some equally handy fieldwork by the Independents the next two hands would be lost in order, and the Saginaw uprising was squelched.  After one innings of play the Bay Citys held the lead at 4 to 2.

            In the second innings the Independents would add another tally to their total when Big Bob Escamilla made his second thanks to a branch burner sent into the trees in right field, and later scored on a safety by Tanner LeRoux.  The Saginaws would score a pair of aces of their own in the second bringing the match a little closer at 5 to 4 in Bay Citys favor.

            The whillow whomping continued in the third innings when Kid Garcia made his first on a stinger, and probably would have scored on the very next offering from the Saginaw pitcher if not for the heroics of the Gold’s captain, Squints McCaully.  McCaully, playing his first outfield innings of the season, tore off after a muckle shot from the bat of Butterfly Becerril and nabbed the orb on a sliding catch that brought the crowd to their feet.  Garcia would later tally though, as did Cat LeRoux as the Bay Citys plated two more aces. 

            The Golds would remain consistent however scoring two more aces thanks to a home run by John Piersall, and doubles by Squints McCaully and Logger Leppek.  After three innings the match was now Bay City 7 and Saginaw 6.

            The fourth innings would be the first whitewashing of the match as the Saginaw defense set down the bottom of the Bay City order.  The Golds however would not be so gracious to the Independents as they would take the lead when Lumberjack Piersall drove home two more runs. 

            Bay City would add only one more run in the next two innings while the Saginaws continued to strike with ferocity scoring four more runs themselves.  It appeared the Bay Citys were running out of steam as the match now stood at Saginaw 12 and Bay City 8.

            Things were now looking bleak for Bay City in the seventh innings as Buttons McInerney strode to the plate and put some life back into the crowd with a stinger to the right center garden that struck the base of a tree and re-directed itself well out of the reach of the Saginaw defenders sending them scrambling and McInerney safely to second.  The next striker in the order was no less a hero this season, Jeff “Silverback” Rahl, and he too put a charge into the Bay City bench by besting Buttons and launching the onion past the confines of the long field and making his third with ease.  Dean “Sawmill” Koch would then drive home the Silverback, and later tally himself thanks to another timber shaker from the bat of Big Bob Escamilla.  In all the Bay Citys would draw themselves closer in the match and the Saginaws could answer with one run in their portion thanks to Big Wheel Beemer.  Little did they know it would be their last of the contest?  After seven innings the total was now Saginaw 13 and Bay City 11.

            In the eighth innings more familiar heroes emerged for the Independents as Butterfly Becerril sent another scorcher into the long field and made his second with ease.  The next striker in the order was the hot swinging Doc Garcia who once again sent the Saginaw fieldsmen scrambling over the fence and through the trees searching for the landing spot of his latest launch.  The medicine man would make his home run and the Butterfly would tally ahead of him to bring the match into a tie. 

            The match would remain as such at the conclusion of nine innings thanks to excellent defense by both clubs, and in a first ever occurrence at Carroll Park extra innings would be played to decide a victor.  The Independents would place their lead striker in the innings, Britt Venchera, safely on first sack, but they would lose his hand at second thanks to a ground ball handled neatly by the short stop for the Golds.  The effort however, would put the speedy Sean “Tanner” LeRoux on first sack.  LeRoux would not stay there for long, as the next striker, Alan “Kid” Garcia used some excellent form to line the ball into right field and move LeRoux to third sack.  The next striker in the order was the Butterfly, and he turned himself around to place the ball into the right side of the infield to drive home the mercurial LeRoux with the lead run.

            Bay City now held a slim lead as Becerril took to the stripe for the third innings in a row hoping to replicate his whitewashing of the Golds.  Ducky Mahan, apparently hobbled in the contest, would employ a runner to lead off the innings but it would be for naught as his hand was lost on the first offering of the Butterfly as it landed safely behind the striker and into the hands of Rope Revette.  The next striker was the Lumberjack who had sawed his way through the Bay City defense nearly all day accounting for five runs in the contest for Saginaw.  The Lumberjack would send a hot daisy-cutter to the third base man, Doc Garcia, who would then kill his hand neatly at first.  The match would end perfectly for the Bay Citys as the Butterfly procured a sky ball from the bat of the Saginaw Captain that was bottled in style by his counterpart Tanner LeRoux, and bringing the crowd to its feet and the game to howling conclusion.

            These two clubs will look to recapture this type of brilliant play again in two weeks time when the four top clubs in the state vie for the Championship Cup of the State of Michigan on September 24th at Carroll Park. 




Great Lakes Championship!

Great Lakes Bay Triumph!


Bay City vs. Saginaw

World’s Tournament Championship Match

Walnut Grove 1, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI

August 14, 2011


Bay City 5, Saginaw 13


            The goal for the Bay Citys at the World’s Tournament was to be perfect, and though no individual was, as a club through three matches they were just that.  Perfect.  They had defeated a fairly new up and coming club, a past World Champion Runner-Up and Reserve Champion, and a two time World Champion club to take their region and now faced their neighboring city of Saginaw. 

Saginaw, as past World’s Tournament Champion themselves, had an equally impressive run to the championship match by defeating a firmly established local club, a two-time Reserve Champion, and the reigning World’s Tournament Champion. 

Despite being two fine offensive clubs this match would no doubt be determined by defensive play, for in six combined matches these fine fieldsmen yielded an average of only six runs per contest, this same opposition averaged over fifteen runs per match against clubs outside of our Great Lakes Bay Region.  Predicting that this scrap might be dominated by excellent fieldsman ship would not be a stretch of the imagination.

The coin toss for the order of striking took place under a misty rain that would continue on and off for the majority of the contest, yet it did not dampen the spirits of the scores of cranks who lined the hillside to watch this titanic tussle.  The Old Golds would win the toss and elected to take the field, thus allowing Bay City to strike first, and needing no formal invitation the Independents went to willow womping with great early success.  Tanner LeRoux would lead the way with a clean safety over the head of the Saginaw third sacker, and would move up to third sack when Kid Garcia smashed the apple through the trees, and over the tracks for a ground rule, two bagger.  This howitzer would be key not only because it poised Bay City to take the early lead in the contest, but because the pristine ball would be lost to the contest for the remainder of the innings and a slippery substitute would be put into play.  Butterfly Becerril, the pitching and striking hero of the Chadwick Championship match, would place another stinger out of reach of the infield to tally Tanner, and the Kid would score after his brother Doc smashed a safety of his own over the tracks.  The Butterfly would then tally his ace following a daisy-cutter from the bat of Branden “The Rope” Revette, and the scoring would come to a close for the Bay Citys.

The Saginaws would now have to face the Butterfly whose pitching presence put the Independents on this path to perfection by stifling the La-de-dah offense in the previous match.  The Butterfly would allow only one safety in the innings for the Golds, eliciting fly ball outs from three of the Saginaws top strikers.  After one inning apiece the Bay Citys led the contest at 3 to 0.

In the second innings the soggy ball from the wrong side of the tracks was re-introduced, and the Saginaw defenders played with it flawlessly allowing only one runner to reach base and bottling two harmless infield flys of their own, before John Piersall made a fabulous downhill catch in right field to rob the Bay Citys of a sure run.  The Saginaws, apparently sensing that the old ball was simply not carrying as well changed strategies in the second innings and it worked to near perfection.  The Old Golds put the ball on the ground, waited out fine pitches while their fieldsman circuited the bases, and tallied seven runs.  Thanks to their patience, aggressive base running, and fine striking the Saginaws now held the lead at 7 to 3.

The third innings was a near mirror to the second for both clubs, with Mr. Piersall’s defense leading the way.  The lead striker for Bay City, Captain Johnson, placed a stinger into the short garden in right field where Mr. Piersall was stationed.  Piersall picked the caroming ball up perfectly, and then threw rope to first to nab Johnson for the first out on a strike that in most cases would have been an easy base reacher.  The Independents would attempt to mount a charge after a Dean “Sawmill” Koch stinger, but a fly to the catcher, and another fly ball bottled by the left fielder would kill their innings.  The Saginaws would use the same techniques from the second innings to parade around the diamond for three more runs stretching their lead to 10 to 3.

The soggy sphere became even heavier as the fourth innings commenced, and the Old Golds proved up to the task of fielding it scribing three more fly ball outs in the Bay City portion of striking.  Sensing that the match was quickly slipping away the Independents made defensive changes hoping to put their finger in the proverbial leaky dike by putting the sure handed, rifle armed, Rope Revette behind the plate and sliding the equally cannon packing Kid Garcia to the center garden.  The defense responded to the change and nary a base was pilfered.  The Golds picked up their striking right where they left off in the third by placing their lead striker, Rip Shaner on first sack.  Knowing their opponent well paid off for the Bay Citys as their left fielder, Tom “Cat” LeRoux krept up behind short stop to bottle the would be safety from Ducky Mahan in style to record the first hand lost.  The next striker, John Piersall, would test the new center fieldsman for Bay City by launching a howitzer to the long field that saw him make this second, however the lead runner on the bases would lose his hand when Kid Garcia placed the pill into the hands of his brother, and third base man, Doc Garcia who tagged Shaner for the second hand lost of the innings.  The innings would finish after a bound out was bottled from the Boozhound by the mercurial Cat LeRoux in left field.


As is often the case, good defensive play can often spark the offense and Bay City came out in the fifth inning flaming hot.  The Cat, after recording two key outs in the previous innings, placed a stinger into the long field, and then took third sack after Buttons McInerney made his first.  The Silverback would drive home LeRoux with a liner into the left field.  McInerney would lose his hand after a weak fly ball dropped into the infield was scooped up by Scoops Larkin and rifled to third.  Thanks to an earlier fly to ball bottled by the Golds catcher, Adam McCaulley, their were now two hands lost in the innings.  Sawmilll Koch took stock of the wood in his hands and worked it with icy precision placing the onion into the garden for his second safety of the contest.  Rahl would move to third on the strike and then would tally after a fine stinger from the bat of Dan “The Rainmaker” Decuf.  The Bay Citys would leave the bases loaded in the innings as the next hand was lost, but skunked the Saginaws again in the fifth and drew closer in the contest at Bay City 5 and Saginaw 10.

The Bay Citys would be skunked in the sixth innings, but Saginaw would tally one more ace by Chad Short.  In the seventh innings the Bay Citys would leave the bases filled once again, and would be robbed of an ace thanks to a brilliant play by the Saginaw first sacker, Jason Leppek, who moved to his right to field a daisy cutter and then fired a hot strike to home plate where Adam McCaulley would step on the iron circle to kill the speedy Cat LeRoux at home.  The Saginaws would then extend their lead when Lumberjack Piersall, and Adam McCaulley would each tally.  McCaulley, would no doubt warrant some admiration from his mates on his play in the biggest contest of the weekend.  The Old Golds captain had four safeties on the day, tallied once, and accepted five chances in the contest.  It was a bully day for both Saginaw and their captain as neither the Bay Citys nor Golds could penetrate the defense for any further tallies handing the mantle of World Champion over to the Saginaws.  

It was a banner day for the Great Lakes Bay Region, and a run to be proud of for the Independents.  The played like warrior poets, but fell just shy of their stated goal.  The winner over all was base ball, and those cranks who witnessed the fine play all weekend of the 16 clubs who took the field.   




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As of August 12, 2013



    1. Alan Garcia 63

    2. Sean LeRoux 55

    2. Tom LeRoux 55

    3. Jason McInerney 45

    4. Jeff Rahl 46

Runs Scored

    1. Sean LeRoux 43

    2. Alan Garcia 38

    3. Tom LeRoux 35

    4. Jason McInerney 29

    4. Jeff Rahl 29

    5. Dean Koch 18


    1. Sean LeRoux 2.68

    2. Alan Garcia 2.23

    3. Tom LeRoux 2.18

    4. Jason McInerney 1.81

    4  Jeff Rahl 1.81

    5. Brian Beceril 1.75



Extra Base Hits

    1. Tom LeRoux 26

    2. Jeff Rahl 22

    3. Alan Garcia 13

    4. Jason McInerney 10

    5. Brian Becerril 7

    5. Sean LeRoux 7

Home Runs

    1. Justin Garcia 2

    1. Jason McInerney 2

    2. Brian Beceril 1

    2. Alan Garcia 1

    2. Zachary Stedry 1

    2. Matt Barnard 1


Hands Lost/Game

    1. Sean LeRoux 1.50

    2. Tom LeRoux 1.56

    3. Alan Garcia 1.58

    4. Dean Koch 1.72

    5. Brian Becerril 1.87


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