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Total Eclipse of the Heart, or Bound for Glory!

Bay City vs. Elkton

Game #5

Gettysburg Vintage Base Ball Festival

Grant Field, Gettysburg, PA

July 21, 2013


Bay City 23, Elkton 23



The final match for the weekend saw Bay City paired against the host club, Elkton Eclipse.  The Elkton Club is a fine group, and have won the right to call themselves past champions of their Festival, but the Independents were most impressed by their abilities to plan and execute the hosting of their magnificent base ball festival.


The first pitch was thrown out by none other then General Robert E. Lee, formerly of West Point, and was followed up by Bay City finally winning a bat toss, which was overseen by the umpire for the match, Shaggy of the Elkton home club.  Having won the toss Bay City elected to take the field. It seemed like a rather poor decision as the Elktons struck with precision, and ran the bases with ease taking a 5 run lead in their first innings.  The Bay Citys could only muster one ace of their own when Sean "Tanner" LeRoux continued his fine weekend of striking by safely making his first on an infield daisy cutter, and then took his second by theft.  He then came around to tally thanks to successive bound out catches by the right fielder on balls that were well struck by Alan "Kid" Garcia, and Jason "Buttons" McInerney.  Another bound catch on a well struck ball to the left field by Jeff "Silverback" Rahl would close the inning for Bay City.


The Eclipse would be whitewashed by the Bay Citys in the second as the Independents attempted to climb out of the hole they had made for themselves in the first.  Things started off in a peculiar fashion as Tom "Cat" LeRoux would make his first thanks to some bad balls, and then took his second by theft.  He then moved to third on a garden grabber to right field from the bat of Dave "Spare Parts" Ringler.  Ringler then took his second by larceny as well.  LeRoux would tally after Zachary "Tiny" Stedry drove a howitzer deep into the center field which was caught on the bound by the Eclipse fields man for the first hand lost in the innings.  The next striker in the order was the elder of the Bay City Stedrys, Jeremy "Schoolboy" Stedry, who drove the ball deep down the line and past the long fielders to tally Ringler and make his third.  Stedry would be frozen at his base after the next hand was lost to a bound catch from the Elkton third sacker.  This would bring up Jayme "Cap" Johnson with two hands down.  Johnson would make his first, and Stedry would tally on an infield hit that landed between the pitcher, first base man, and second base man.  Johnson would then steal his second, and then his third after an errant throw by the catcher that made its way into the garden.  Tanner LeRoux then got his second hit of the day to drive home Johnson with the tying run.  LeRoux would take his second, but would proceed no further after a fine catch of a hot liner by the Elkton short stop killed the third hand of the innings.  The match was now tied at 5-5.


The Elkton contingent would be skunked again in the third innings, but Bay City would send eleven strikers to the mark with six strikers making their first before the Independents would lose a hand thanks to a bound ball sent into the right field from the bat of Jeremy "Schoolboy" Stedry.  The bound out would still help to tally the fourth run of the innings for Bay City, and moved another runner over to third.  That base runner, Zach "Tiny" Stedry, would then make his ace on another daisy cutter from Branden "The Rope" Revette.  Revette would then take his second, and then moved to third on a ground ball to the right side of the infield that was scooped up by the Elkton second sacker and then relayed to first to record the second out of the innings.  Tanner LeRoux would then drive home Revette with his third hit in as many innings.  LeRoux then stole his second, and tallied thanks to a howitzer into the long field from Alan "Kid" Garcia that Garcia made his second on.  Garcia would likely have scored in the innings as well, but the next hand was extinguished on another long bound out recorded in the left field to end the innings.  Bay City had now taken the lead in the contest at 12-5.


After the Independents whitewashed the Eclipse in the fourth innings they took to striking again themselves. A long successive string of single safeties was responsible for the majority of the runs in their third, but in the fourth the Bay Citys were more judicious with their efforts beginning things with a long howitzer beyond the reach of the center fielder thanks to the Herculean efforts of one Jeff "Silverback" Rahl.  Rahl would make his second, and then moved to third on a  rather pedastrian daisy cutter that saw Tom "Cat" LeRoux only take one base himself.  LeRoux would make up for his lack of striking by taking his second by theft, and both LeRoux and Rahl would tally when Dave "Spare Parts" Ringler drove the ball deep down the right field line and well past the reach of the Elkton gardner.  Ringler pulled up at third and would tally after Tiny Stedry pushed a daisy cutter past the reach of the second sacker to make his first.  Stedry would take his second, and then make his third on a safety from Rope Revette.  Revette would continue the cycle, and take his second, then move to third when Stedry made his ace after Cap Johnson made his first on a daisy cutter.  Hoping to make his second Johnson took off from first, but was nearly killed as Tanner LeRoux cut loose with a swing that popped a sky ball up to the Elkton short stop.  Caught between the bases now,  Johnson watched as the ball dropped to the ground but was then captured on the bound.  Hoping that the run from third would score, Johnson made for second and drew the short stop's attention and eluded the tag with an awkward dive.  However, thanks to the quick reflexes of the short stop the runner was unable to advance on the play, and both gents would be stranded after another long bound out collected by the right fielder.  The score was now 16-5 after four innings of play.


The  Elktons would tally 5 times in their fifth innings coupling daisy cutters, howitzers, walks, and stolen bases to win their first innings since the opening of the contest.  Bay City would try to match the Elkton effort but would fall just short only tallying four times when Buttons McInerney began the striking, much as he did in the third, by making his first on daisy cutter to the garden.  McInerney would then move to second on a safety from Silverback Rahl, and then on to third thanks to a third consecutive muckle shot that had Cat LeRoux make his first as well.  Buttons would tally on a bound out to center field, as each runner would advance as well.  Tiny Stedry then drove home Rahl, and advanced Ringler to third on his second consecutive howitzer into the garden.  Stedry then stole second, and moved to third as Ringler scored and Tiny advanced on another bound catch made by the center fields man to kill the second hand.  The final hand would be lost as well on a bound catch made by the left fielder. The score was now Bay City 20, Elkton 10.


Elkton would draw closer in the sixth continuing with their innings winning combination of daisy cutters and stolen bases helping them to plate four more aces.  Bay City would only muster one of their own, and would now lose their third innings of the match.  The tally was now Bay City 21, Elkton 14.


The seventh would see each club trading aces to keep the margin the same at 22-15, with Bay City leaving Zach "Tiny" Stedry at second sack after their third hand was lost to another outstanding bound catch by the Eclipse left fielder.  In the eighth innings the Elkton gents would plate three more aces of their own to bring the total to 22-18.  Bay City would begin their eighth innings with a daisy cutter by Rope Revette.  Revette would move to second on a stolen base, and then to third on a ground ball handled by the first base tender.  Revette would then tally on Tanner LeRoux's fifth hit of the day.  LeRoux then took his second, and made his third on a daisy cutter by Alan "Kid" Garcia.  Jason "Buttons" McInerney then hit a hot ground ball to the third sacker who then alertly went home with the ball as LeRoux attempted to make his ace.  The play at the plate was close, but LeRoux was called out by the umpire after a fine tag was applied by the Elkton catcher on LeRoux's thigh.  Garcia and McInerney advanced on the fine play at home, but each would be left at their bases after the third hand was killed on a bound catch to deep right field.  The score now stood at 23-18 after 8 innings of play.


The spirit of competitive excitement having caught up with both teams engaged in this match led them to beginning the ninth and final innings despite have long since gone over their time restraints.  This led the anxious ballists, who had arrived for the next match to be played, to become unexpected cranks of the contest.  They would become slightly crankier as the steam engined Eclipse could not be slowed, as they coupled fair fouls, howitzers, and stolen bases to tally four more runs in the contest which brought the Elkton faithful to their feet.  The contest now tied at 23 all, Bay City would take to the plate and lose their first hand to a fine bound catch by the left fielder.  The next striker, Spare Parts Ringler, would make his way to first with ease having accepted three bad balls in succession from the Eclilpse hurler.  Another fine play from the Elkton catcher would kill Ringler at second as he attempted to steal the bag.  That left it up to Tiny Stedry who then promptly smashed the apple into the right field, and just beyond the Eclipse gardner who tried to nab it on the bound.  Stedry would then succeed where Ringler had failed, tearing up the Pennsylvania clay as he took his second evading the Elkton defenders.  The effort was for naught, though as the next hand would be killed on the bound by another fine play from the Eclipse left fields man.


That is where the match would end despite efforts by the Elkton club, fine hosts that they were, who tried to accommodate the Bay Citys in finishing the match at another location, as the next two clubs, Cleveland and Flemington looked to take the field.  Though the Independents appreciated the Eclipse enthusiasm time waits for no man, and many a gent who thought they would be finished in time was now late to check out from their boarding houses.  So, this match would end as it began.


Thus would come to a conclusion Bay Citys third endeavor to the East Coast in nine seasons of play.  Their collective efforts concluded with a record of 7 wins, 3 losses, and 2 ties.  Huzzah to Bay City, and a hearty huzzah to the Eclipse for their fine play, fine hosting, and their outstanding hospitality.





The City of Brotherly Love!

Bay City vs. Philadelphia

Gettysburg Game #4

Gettysburg Vintage Base Ball Festival

Plank Field, Gettysburg, PA


Bay City 30, Philadelphia 6


After laboring in the hot, Pennsylvania hillside for eight hours the previous day, the Independents arrived for the early match, and the first of back to back matches on a beautiful Sunday morning. There opponent on this day was the Athletic base ball club of Philadelphia, and a finer bunch of uniformed ballists you'll be hard pressed to find.  The Philly boys are known to joke, prod, and cajole one another like a tight band of brothers and taking the field with gents like those is  always a good time.


The Athletics won the bat toss with a unique style that was duly noted by the Bay City captain.  Having succeeded in the bat toss the Athletics chose to strike first, and took full advantage with a daisy cutter to the garden, a stolen base, and then a howitzer to the long field that saw their third striker make his second.  He would then make his third on another infield hit by the fourth striker in their order.  The advancement would end there though, as the fifth striker tried to employ a fair foul that was promptly gathered by the Bay City catcher, Branden "The Rope" Revette, who then fired a trademark shot to first sack to kill the striker and freeze the runners.  The sixth striker in the order then hit a sky ball to Doc Garcia at third, which he deftly handled, and the uprising was complete.


Now down 1 to 0, and not having scored in their past ten complete innings, the Bay Citys took to willow whipping with some serious style. The strikers of note for Bay City in the innings were Sean "Tanner" LeRoux, Alan "Kid" Garcia, Jason "Buttons" McInerney, Jeff "Silverback" Rahl, and Tom "Cat" LeRoux.  Each of these gents would tally, and all but Garcia would make their seconds on their garden gulping gashes.  Bay City would end their first with a lead at 5-1.


The second innings would begin with Bay City skunking the Athletics in order before picking up the parade around the pillows again for themselves.  This time the Independents would send thirteen gents to the stripe and make eight aces for our home town boys.  Jeff "Silverback" Rahl, Branden "The Rope" Revette, and Justin "Doc" Garcia would each make their second on their howitzers in the innings, but unfortunately Garcia would be lost for the entirety due to injury following his smash.  The Bay Citys had now lengthened their margin at 13-1.


In the third innings the Athletics would add a run when their captain singled, took his second due to theft, and tallied on a daisy cutter by their lead striker.  Bay City would still win the innings though, after plating 3 more of their own with Tanner LeRoux, Kid Garcia, and Cat LeRoux all crossing the dish.  Cat and Zachary "Tiny" Stedry each had muckle shots to the long field that saw them each make their second.


The Bay Citys would whitewash the Philedelphia contingent again in the fourth, and would send another dozen strikers to the mark for themselves gathering a harvest of seven more aces.  Aside from the tallying seven, strikers of note were Dave "Spare Parts" Ringler, and Jeremy "Schoolboy" Stedry who each made their seconds.  After four innings Bay City was now ahead 23-2.


The Independents would shuffle their defenders in the fifth innings, and the Athletics would take advantage of their opportunity scoring four runs after their first two hands were lost.  The Bay Citys would extend their streak of innings won however, making five more aces of their own thanks to three consecutive double making howitzers from the bats of Silverback Rahl, Cat LeRoux, and Spare Parts Ringler.


After the fifth innings, discussions were had about time restraints for the match, and it was agreed that the game would be complete upon the finish of the seventh innings.  The Bay Citys would then go on to whitewash the Athletics in their sixth, and seventh, plating only twice more in their sixth and forgoing their final at bats to bring the contest to a close at Bay City 30, and Philadelphia 6.


As mentioned previously, a finer, and more fun bunch of gentlemen you will never run across, and we in Bay City would love to play such club anywhere at anytime.  It is this type of comradarie, and love for the game that the Athletics employ that makes the game fun to play.

Brooklyn's Finest!

Bay City vs. Brooklyn

Game #3

Gettysburg Vintage Base Ball Festival

Meade Field, Gettysburg, PA

July 20, 2013


Bay City 0, Brooklyn 5



Bay City's third match of the day in Gettysburg's first day of vintage base ball action was against the Atlantic Base Ball Club of Brooklyn.  This match was set up by request of the Brooklyn lads, and was put down as a special match for the Festival.  Bay City was honored that such a fine club as the Atlantics would request such a match, and so they of course accepted.  The Independents would find out that indeed the Atlantics were Brooklyn's Finest.


The Bay City's would lose the bat toss, again, and took to striking first.  Tanner LeRoux would lose his hand on a fine play and throw from the Atlantic short stop, Dean Emma, to their first base tender.  The next striker Alan "Kid" Garcia, would make his first on a finely placed ball into the garden.  He then took his second by theft, but would be thrown out trying to take this third to record the second hand lost in the innings.  Jason "Buttons" McInerney would then record the final out for the innings on a sky ball that was bottled in style by the Atlantic's center fields man.  The first innings would be a portent of things to come, as the Bay Citys were to be whitewashed by the Brooklyns throughout the contest, despite placing nine runners into scoring position.


The Brooklyn lads would not, however, be skunked in their first pushing across one ace in the first innings, which would prove to be the winning margin.  They would also tally again in the second innings, and three more in the seventh to take the contest at 5-0.


The Bay Citys would remark that these Brooklyn gents were very practiced at their game, and had refined their skill so well that they had only rarely seen their equal.  Huzzah for the Atlantics!

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As of August 12, 2013



    1. Alan Garcia 63

    2. Sean LeRoux 55

    2. Tom LeRoux 55

    3. Jason McInerney 45

    4. Jeff Rahl 46

Runs Scored

    1. Sean LeRoux 43

    2. Alan Garcia 38

    3. Tom LeRoux 35

    4. Jason McInerney 29

    4. Jeff Rahl 29

    5. Dean Koch 18


    1. Sean LeRoux 2.68

    2. Alan Garcia 2.23

    3. Tom LeRoux 2.18

    4. Jason McInerney 1.81

    4  Jeff Rahl 1.81

    5. Brian Beceril 1.75



Extra Base Hits

    1. Tom LeRoux 26

    2. Jeff Rahl 22

    3. Alan Garcia 13

    4. Jason McInerney 10

    5. Brian Becerril 7

    5. Sean LeRoux 7

Home Runs

    1. Justin Garcia 2

    1. Jason McInerney 2

    2. Brian Beceril 1

    2. Alan Garcia 1

    2. Zachary Stedry 1

    2. Matt Barnard 1


Hands Lost/Game

    1. Sean LeRoux 1.50

    2. Tom LeRoux 1.56

    3. Alan Garcia 1.58

    4. Dean Koch 1.72

    5. Brian Becerril 1.87