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Game Results

Reunited and it Feels so Good!

Bay City vs. Flemington

Gettysburg Vintage Base Ball Festival

Game #2

Plank Field, Gettysburg, PA



Bay City 16, Flemington 14



The second match of the day for Bay City pitted them against the Neshanocks of Flemington, New Jersey.  In 2011 Bay City took part in a Midwest vs. East Coast Festival held in Cooperstown, New York, and was scheduled to play the Flemington gents in their last game, but alas injuries beset the club, and the match was not to be played.  On this day, the Independents would finally have the opportunity to complete that task.


The match began with another bat toss, which again the Bay City captain subsequently lost, and resulted with Bay City striking first in the match.  The ceremonial first pitch was thrown out by Eddie Plank, grandson of the famous major leaguer who bore the same moniker, and the owner of Gettysburg Eddie's.  After completing the ceremony, the Independents began striking with their usual efficiency starting with Sean "Tanner" LeRoux who promptly made his first with a fine daisy cutter.   LeRoux would move to second on a safety by Alan "Kid" Garcia, but Garcia would be forced at second when the third striker in the order, Jason "Buttons" McInerney made his first.  The larcenous McInerney would then take his second, and now Bay City had runners at second and third respectively.  LeRoux would tally on a long bound out  bottled by the right fields man from the bat of  the fourth striker, Jeff "Silverback" Rahl.  That would bring Tom "Cat" LeRoux to the plate with two hands down.  LeRoux was quite successful in this situation in the first match of the day coming through with several well struck balls, and this time would be no different as LeRoux slammed the onion into the garden driving home McInerney, and making his second with ease.  LeRoux would be left at second as the next hand would be lost, and the Bay City striking would conclude in the first with the Independents taking a 2-0 lead.


That lead would be short lived as the Neshanock would plate two runs of their own thanks to the striking, and base running of Peaches and Sledge.  Fine players that they are their nicknames also bring to mind what might have been a fine pairing of 1970s Soul Stalwarts, Peaches and Herb and Sister Sledge.  One can only dream of the poetry if those two acts had been united, or perhaps "Reunited" in a "We are Family" get together.  At any rate Peaches and Sledge were able to pair their striking and base running to "Shake their Groove Thing" and tie the match.


In the second innings the Independents would start things off with Dave "Spare Parts" Ringler making his first with a howitzer into the garden.  Ringler would then move to third on a blast from the youthful, left handed striking, Zachary "Tiny" Stedry, which put Stedry safely at second.  Ringler would then tally, and Tiny would move to third, after a ground ball to the third sacker saw Stedry's sibling, Schoolboy dead at first.  Tiny would then tally after a liner past third sack from the bat of Branden "The Rope" Revette had Revette make his first.  The tallying would end there for the Independents.


The Flemington lads would again match the Bay Citys when their lead striker in the innings, Gaslight, drove the ball deep into the garden and made his second.  Gaslight would then tally, tying the match thanks to a safety from the eighth Neshanock striker, Lowball.  After two innings of play the match was tied at 3-3.


Kid Garcia would open the third for the Independents with another garden variety and then take his second by theft.  Garcia would then tally on a howitzer from the bat of Buttons McInerney, and McInerney would move to second on a similar strike from Silverback Rahl.  The Independent contingent would both make their aces as Tom "Cat" LeRoux repeated his first innings performance with a muckle shot into the long field which had him take his second.  The next hand would be lost to the Flemington catcher, and then a brilliant bound catch at third would kill Ringler's hand while catching the Cat between the bases.  After a brief game of "Cat" and mouse LeRoux would lose his hand and complete the innings for Bay City.


Now trailing by three runs, the Neshanock would open their third innings with a sky ball from the bat of Peaches, which was bottled in style by the flamboyant, Mick, left fields man, Buttons McInerney.  The next striker, Southwork, would remarkably make his first by doing no work, and receiving an opportunity to walk to the bag thanks to an apparent bevy of bad balls.  Southwork would then have to scamper around the bags as Thumbs, the next striker in the order, mashed the apple between the left and center fielders and made his third.  Thumbs would tally as well after Sledge copied his script and made his third.  The fifth striker, Illinois, would make his first and Sledge would then make his ace.  Illinois would then make his second on another daisy cutter from Gaslight.  Thankfully, Illinois, would then attempt to take his third in a most larcenous way only to be rebuffed by the fine Bay City catcher, Branden "The Rope" Revette.  Insult would be added to injury, as Illinois was chided by Neshanock founder, Brad "Brooklyn" Shaw about the wisdom of stealing on a man nicknamed "Da Rope."    The Neshanock had once again knotted the contest at 6.


The Flemington gents would then skunk the Bay Citys in their next two frames, while adding two more of their own to enter the sixth innings with an 8-6 lead.  The Independents would break through however, due to the leadership of Alan "Kid" Garcia who would make his first, steal his second, and then tally from there on a howitzer from the bat of McInerney.  The next striker, Jeff "Silverback" Rahl would pound the pill beyond the reach of the center fields man, and make his second.   McInerney, sensing an opportunity to draw the contest to a tie, legged his way to home plate all the way from first base.   The Neshanock fielders made a throw to home in an attempt to kill McInerney and thwart his charge, but it was just late, as Buttons ground his way to a less then graceful stop and tallied the tying ace.  The Silverback would take his third on the throw to home, and would then tally on a daisy cutter from the bat of Tom "Cat" LeRoux.  Bay City now held a slender lead at 9-8.


Jersey would lead off the Neshanock sixth with a clean single.  The next striker in the order, Lowball, would lose his hand to a fine bound catch by the Independent's short stop, Sean "Tanner" LeRoux.  LeRoux would then run down Jersey, who was caught between the bases, and complete a neat twin killing.  The bases empty, and two hands down, the Flemington's would then mount a comeback with a daisy cutter to the infield that saw Mick make his first.  Mick then made his third on a similar play from the bat of Doc.  Doc would then take his second by theft, and Mick would tally after, "Just Chris", would walk his way to first advancing all runners.  Doc, and Chris would each make their ace as well when Peaches made his third on a colossal clout into the garden, and then pulled up at third.  Southwork would strand Peaches at third after bounding out to the catcher, and ending the two out uprising.  After six innings the Neshanock had the lead again at 11-9.


In the seventh the Bay Citys would knot the contest thanks to back to back smashes into the garden by Justin "Doc" Garcia, and Dave "Spare Parts" Ringler.  Each gent made his second on their respective strikes, with Garcia tallying on Ringler's clout, and Ringler tallying on Jeremy "Schoolboy" Stedry's safety just two strikers later.


The Independents would skunk the Flemingtons in the seventh and eighth, while tallying five more times in the eighth innings themselves sending ten strikers to the line with back to back howitzers from the bats of Rahl, and Cat LeRoux doing much of the damage.  The Bay Citys now held sway over the Neshanock at 16-11.


The Bay Citys would be whitewashed in the ninth, but only after a close play at home plate as Sean "Tanner" LeRoux attempted a steal of home.  The Neshanock would now attempt a comeback with Chris making his first, and another infield daisy cutter from Peaches put him at second.  Chris and Peaches would each move up to third and second respectively when Southwork bounded out to Bay City's McInerney in the left field.  The runners would be held at their bases when Thumbs would lose his hand thanks to a charging, bound catch from the mercurial short stop, Sean "Tanner" LeRoux.  Sledge would then hammer the onion into the garden and tally both Chris and Peaches, while making his second for himself.  Illinois would bring Sledge to tally with a two out safety of his own.  Illinois would then take his second after Gaslight would stroll his way to first thanks to the third base on bad balls of the day for the Flemingtons.  The match would be ended there however, when Jersey saw his hand killed by a bound catch in the right garden made by Tom "Cat" LeRoux.


Thus the exciting contest was drawn to a close with Bay City taking their second of the day at 16-14 over the fine, Flemington nine.   A fantastic contest, with a great deal of excitement leaves one wanting and hoping that perhaps these clubs can meet again.




Hello Keystone State!

Bay City vs. Harrisburg

Gettysburg Vintage Base Ball Festival

Game #1

July 20, 2013

Grant Field


Bay City 13, Harrisburg 4


The Independents loaded up their wagons and headed out east to the fine, town of Gettysburg, PA, where some time ago a titanic tussle took place during our nation's Civil War.  There would be no canons, and no mini balls littering the air today, as the only howitzers fired would come from the wooden bats of the participant clubs, and the Bay Citys would begin their three match day with the gents from the state capital of Pennsylvania, the Keystone Base Ball Club of Harrisburg.  Apparently, the Keystones finished with an unblemished record in this Festival last year, and so Bay City was prepared to meet a fine club on the field of play.  They were not however, prepared to meet the very affable, U. S. Grant who joined the boys on the green and tossed out the first pitch of the event.


After losing the bat toss the Independents took to striking and Tanner LeRoux led things off with a flurry placing a fine daisy cutter into the long field, and then taking his second by theft.  LeRoux then tallied when Alan "Kid" Garcia drove a liner into the garden, and then took his second on the throw to home plate.  Garcia then stole his third, and was driven home by Jason "Buttons" McInerney who made his first, but was then killed by the catcher's throw to short stop while trying to take his second by theft.  The next striker lost his hand to the fine play of the Keystone captain at short as well, and then Tom "Cat" LeRoux stepped to the stripe with two hands dead and promptly placed the pill into the long field for another safety in the innings.  Cat took his second by theft, and was driven to tally by Justin "Doc" Garcia's howitzer into the garden that had him make his first.  Doc would lose his hand, as Buttons had lost his with the Keystone captain making the tag at second base after making a magnificent one handed catch on the throw from behind the batter to foil Garcia's attempted larceny.  The Keystones would tally twice in their portion of the innings, and so after one innings the ledger read Bay City 3, and Harrisburg 2.


The tight scratch continued on throughout the next two innings as each club slapped on the whitewash with magnificent defensive plays.  In the fourth however, Bay City would take again to the apple mashing when Jeff "Silverback" Rahl stepped to the plate and launched the onion deep into the garden and over the fielders to make his second with ease.  Rahl would then tally when Tom "Cat" LeRoux refused to be outdone by the aforementioned simeon and drove a liner that saw him take his second as well.  LeRoux would move to second on a bound out from the bat of Doc Garcia, and would then tally on another bound catch by the Keystones from the stick of Dave "Spare Parts" Ringler.  The Bay City rally would end there, and they would skunk the Harrisburg nine again to stretch their lead to three runs after four innings of play.


The Independents would start the off the fifth innings with some willow whipping from the stick of the schoolmaster, Jeremy "Schoolboy" Stedry with Stedry making his second on his strike.  Stedry would move to third on an infield daisy cutter from the bat of Branden "The Rope" Revette.  Revette would then steal his second, and Stedry would tally after a drive into the garden by Jayme "Cap" Johnson.  Cap would then take his second by theft, and both Revette and Johnson would tally after a daisy driver placed into the long field by Tanner LeRoux.  LeRoux would not stay hitched to first for long as Alan "Kid" Garcia took the first offering from the Harrisburg hurler and drove it over the long fielders for a clean home run.   The next two hands would be lost in the innings, but the Bay Citys were not yet dead, as Cat LeRoux in a near repeat of the first innings, began another rally with safety and a stolen base.  As it was the theft of the bag was for naught as Justin "Doc" Garcia nearly matched his sibling by placing the onion beyond the reach of the fields men and making his third, as LeRoux was brought to tally. Garcia would be left at third however, as the next hand in the inning was lost and the ledger closed.  The Bay Citys would then give back a run in the Harrisburg portion of the fifth, and the book now read Independents 11 and Keystones 3.


The clubs would mirror each other for the next three innings skunking one another in the sixth and eighth and each plating a run in the seventh.  In the ninth innings the first two hands would be lost to the Independents bringing Sean "Tanner" LeRoux to the plate for the fifth time in the match.  LeRoux was yet to lose a hand, and refused to do so this time as well making his second after a deep drive down the left field line.  LeRoux would tally on another safety from Kid Garcia, and this would close out the scoring for the match as the Bay Citys would whitewash the Harrisburg gents in the ninth.  At the conclusion of their first match in Gettysburg Bay City found themselves atop at 13-4, and they likewise found themselves a new appreciation for the fine play displayed by the Keystone Base Ball Club.

Shooting Stars!

Bay City visits Wyandotte

June 22, 2012

Wyandotte, Mi


Bay City 11, Wyandotte 12




The Independents hitched up their wagons and headed south to Wyandotte to take on the fine base ball club known as the Stars on this, the second day of summer.  The Bay Citys hadn't made this trek in several years, but still found their way to the home field of one of only 6 clubs to ever hold the State of Michigan's Championship Cup, having defeated the La-de-dahs to earn the title of State Champion, back in 2011.  The Stars games versus the Bay Citys have always been exciting, and today's would prove to be no different.


The Independents would lose the coin toss, and the Stars elected to take the field.  This allowed the Bay Citys to take a brief lead in the contest when Sean "Tanner" LeRoux crossed the plate thanks to a stolen base, and a daisy-cutter from the bat of Jason "Buttons" McInerney.  The Stars would match that ace in their first, so at the end of one the tally was tied.


Each club would whitewash the other in the second, and in the third the Independents would repeat their scoring method in the first with LeRoux crossing the plate for a second time in the match.  This time he was helped along by a howitzer to the long field by Alan "Kid" Garcia, but driven home by another safety from McInerney.  Bay City would skunk the Stars in the third, and now held a slim lead in this tight scratch at 2-1.


In the fourth innings the Independents would stretch their margin.  The first two hands in the Bay City order for the innings would be lost in fast fashion, which brought Jayme "Cap" Johnson to the plate.  Johnson placed a sky ball into the infield that was just beyond reach of the defense, and made his first.  He moved to second sack on the third safety of the day from the bat of Tanner LeRoux, and then both Johnson and LeRoux would tally when Kid Garcia mashed the apple into the garden, and safely made his third.  Garcia would be left at third, and the innings complete, but the Independents now had the contest at 4-1.


The Stars though began a lethal combination of tactics in the fourth that saw them wait out their pitches, strike well, and take aggressive turns on the base paths.  At any rate when the Stars were done in the fourth the match was tied at 4-4.


Each club would trade whitewash in the fifth innings, and the Wyandotte gents would even blank the Bay Citys in the sixth as well.  The Stars were feeling very symmetrical in the sixth as they circled the bases for six tallies, and took a commanding lead into the seventh at 10-4.


The Independents, sensing the gathering of storm clouds, now felt a sense of urgency in their striking, and took to it with ferocity  sending 10 strikers to the line, and tallying 6 runs of their own, with perhaps the largest being Kid Garcia's howitzer to the long field, which saw him make his second and tallied two with two hands down.  Garcia would be left on third sack yet again to end the innings, but the match was now tied at 10-10.


Darkness now began to take the field, but the Stars kept their patience in their striking, and would tally two more runs in the seventh to retake the lead in the contest at 12-10.


The eighth innings would hold no change in the tally for either club, and that brought the Bay Citys to the plate in the ninth with the rumble of thunder ringing in their ears.  Leading off the innings would be Cap Johnson, who helped extend two, two out rallies in the fourth and seventh innings, and now down two runs and in their final at bats Cap would come through once more with a cannonade into the garden that had him take his second.  Johnson took his third on an infield daisy cutter from the bat of Tanner LeRoux.  Tanner was now on first for his sixth consecutive time in the contest, Johnson at third, and for third time in the contest Kid Garcia would drive Johnson home to trim the lead to 12-11.  This would be as close as Bay City would come, as the next striker in the order would force LeRoux at third, leaving runners at first and second with only one hand down.  Each of the next two strikers would be killed by the Star defenders, and with a storm approaching rapidly, the contest was closed.


These two fine clubs will see themselves matched again in two weeks time in Bay City, and we can only hope that the match will be this exciting again.

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As of July 23, 2014



    1. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 39

    2. Alan “Kid” Garcia 36

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 30

    4. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 25

    5. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 25

Runs Scored

    1. Sean "Tanner" LeRoux 29

    2. Alan "Kid" Garcia 27

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 21

    4. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 14

    5. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 11


    1. Sean "Tanner" LeRoux 3.22

    2. Alan "Kid" Garcia 3.00

    3. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 2.33

    4. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 1.75

    5. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 1.38


Extra Base Hits

    1. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 13

    2. Tom “Cat” LeRoux 9

    3. Alan "Kid" Garcia 7

    3. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 7

    4. Aaron “The Constable” Gerken 3

Home Runs

    1. Alan “Kid” Garcia 1



Hands Lost/Game

    1. Alan “Kid” Garcia 1.11

    2. Sean “Tanner” LeRoux 1.44

    3. Jeremy “Schoolboy” Stedry 1.63

    4. Jeff “Silverback” Rahl 1.78

    5. Jimmy “Two Quarts” Arnold 1.88