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To Form a More Perfect Union

Bay City vs. Dexter

June 30, 2013

Dexter, MI


Bay City 18, Dexter 3




It was  beautiful day, on the beautiful home grounds of the Union Base Ball Club of Dexter, Michigan, when the Independents unloaded their wagon for the third straight excursion of this base ball season.  The opportunity to engage in match play with the Unions had been explored as early as last season during the Dexter club's inaugural, and the Bay Citys were eager to help another young club, as they too were once helped along by a variety of more established groups.


The Independents won the opening coin toss, and deferred the order of striking to the Unions whom the Bay Citys would whitewash.  Then they, themselves, took to striking with impunity sending a dozen strikers to the mark and plating six aces.  The strikers of most repute in the innings would be Jeff "Silverback" Rahl, last season's Most Valuable Ballist, and Tom "Cat" LeRoux, the 2011 Most Valuable Ballist.  Each of these fine strikers would make their second on their howitzers, tally their ace, and in the case of Rahl drove in two runs in the process.  After one innings the score was Bay City 6, and Dexter 0.


Both the Independents and the Unions showed fine, defensive, form in the second innings by skunking the opposition.  In the third innings, however the Dexter club displayed their striking prowess and tallied two aces of their own to draw the contest to a tight scratch at 6-2.  The Bay Citys would not be outdone and tallied four more aces of their own thanks in no small part to two hands lost cannonades from the bats of Alan "Kid" Garcia, and the aforementioned Jeff "Silverback" Rahl, that saw each make their seconds.  Rahl's would drive home a tally in the form of Jason "Buttons" McInerney, and would be the "Great Ape's" third twin sacker of the match.  After three innings the Bay Citys had lengthened their lead at 10-2.


Fine scientific ball was played by both the elder and younger of the clubs, as whitewash was traded for the next two innings with Bay City adding only a single ace in the sixth innings.  In the seventh the Unions would tally another run to add to their side of the ledger, but the Independents would match with three of their own in the persons of Matt "Barrell Roller" Barnard, Jayme "Cap" Johnson, and Sean "Tanner" LeRoux.  Barnard, who began the pillow parade in the innings had earlier enlightened the cranks with his fielding prowess behind the bat by making a fine diving play.  He assured the club that he will not besmirch the Bay City name by arriving at the next match in a soiled uniform, as his lovely wife is assuredly adept at removing such stains.  He was likewise kind enough to attempt to smooth the crevasse that he created near the field of play where he had fallen.   Bully for the Barrell Roller.  At any rate Bay City now held a lead they would not relinquish at 14-3.


The fine, young , Union club would mount many attempts at tallying aces through the remainder of the contest, but the Bay Citys turned them away each time.  The Bay Citys themselves were only able to add four more aces in the contest as well, as the Unions were able to clamp down on them and flash their ability to bottle the pill in style with many a fine fly catches.


The conclusion of the match brought both clubs together to share a fine meal prepared by the host Union Club, and their fine ladies.  The Bay Citys arrived looking forward to a spirit match with a club in its youth, and left knowing that the Unions have some of the finest grounds, have some of the best hospitality, and the makings of a great base ball club themselves.  They look forward to hosting the Dexters next week, and perhaps reacquainting themselves again the future.

Barn Raising Predicament, or Garden Theft


Bay City vs. Rochester Hills

June 15, 2013

Van Hoosen Farm, Rochester Hills, MI


Bay City 7, Rochester Hills 12


After hosting the Regular Base Ball Club of Mt. Clemens the previous week, the Bay Citys decided to take their base ball wares on the road to visit their friends the Grangers of Rochester Hills.  In six trips to Rochester Hills the Independents were fortunate enough to win only once, and they hoped to add to that tally on this day.


When they arrived for this evening match's start they found much had changed at the farm with a new roof added to the barn, and along with it new windows and doors.  The Independents would also find some changes had been made in the field with the Grangers as well.


The match began with the Bay Citys winning the coin toss and choosing to take the field first.  It seemed like a wise choice as fine fielding killed two of the first three hands for the Grangers, but two smashes to the long field by Mr. Wynne, whose hand was nearly killed by a fabulous running catch in center field, and a newcomer Steam Engine would bring Goodfella Prasatek to tally the first ace of the match.


The Independents hoped to continue their hot striking from the week previous, and they looked primed to do as such when they placed their lead striker, Tanner LeRoux, on the first sack.  The next striker in the order, Kid Garcia, smashed the apple deep into the garden gap between center and right field that looked sure to tally LeRoux and place Garcia on second sack, but Mr. Walters was patrolling the plateau that is the long field at Van Hoosen Farm and made a bully diving catch that put Garcia's hand in the grave.  A safety from the bat of Butterfly Beceril would put LeRoux to second, but he would go no further as the next two hands were killed by the Granger fields men, and the match stood now at 1-0 Rochester Hills.


In the second innings the Grangers would send another six strikers to the line, and put two more tallies in their ledger thanks to a howitzer sent to the long field by Mr. Nails Mallmann.   The would also plate another ace in the third, and then they laid the whitewash down on the Bay Citys in both innings to bring their lead to 4-0 Rochester Hills.


The fourth innings would be a draw as the Grangers scrawled two more runs into the books thanks to a cannonade by Slappy Prasatek that saw him drive home Steam Engine and make his third.  Prasatek would tally on safety by Moonlight Otlweski.  This brought the match to 6-0 in the Grangers favor.


The Bay Citys came to bat in the fourth innings at a decidedly large disadvantage, and took to willow whipping immediately.  The second pitch of the innings was sent screaming into the long field by Kid Garcia, but again the Kid was turned away by a running catch by Mr. Walters upon the plateau in the Granger Garden.  The next hand was killed by a simple fly to second, and with two hands down the chances of tallying looked bleak for Bay City.  That's when Jeff "Silverback" Rahl stepped to the stripe and promptly propelled the pill into the nether, and well beyond the grasp of the wicked Walters, and then deposited himself upon second sack.  He would tally after a similar smash to the garden by none other then Tom "Cat" LeRoux, but the more Mercurial LeRoux would put himself upon the third sack.  He too would tally after a garden grabber by Dean "Sawmill" Koch.  This would now bring the match to Rochester Hills 6, and Bay City 2.


The Bay Citys would skunk the Grangers in the fifth innings, and then swiftly went back to the apple mashing themselves.  Cap Johnson would begin the parade about the pillows with an infield single that was followed by two perfect drives over the infield by Matt "Barrell Roller" Barnard and Ron "Irish" O'Laughlin that would load the bases.  Johnson would tally on another safety by Tanner LeRoux, and the Barrell Roller came home on similar strike by Kid Garcia.  There were now two runs home, the sacks full, and no hands lost with Brian "Butterfly" Beceril at the plate.  The stage was set for a back breaking play, but unfortunately for the Independents it was again made in the field by the Grangers, as the Butterfly drove the onion deep into the left garden where "Roadblock" Grace was patrolling.  The nimble Mr. Grace immediately turned his back on the ball and began the sprint uphill and made a dazzling running catch that killed Beceril's hand on a strike that most assuredly would have emptied the bases and placed the Butterfly on third with nary a hand lost, as it was it killed the first hand, and only one run scored.  Another safety by the Silverback would drive home the fourth ace of the innings for Bay City and would bring the match to 6-6, but the Bay Citys would lament what might have been had Mr. Grace not made his fabulous catch.


The fifth innings would be the high water mark of the match for the Bay Citys as the relentless Rochester attack would add an ace in the sixth, three in the seventh, and two more in the eighth before going quietly in the ninth innings.  The Independents could only answer with one run in the eighth to bring the tally of the match to Rochester Hills 12 and Bay City 7.


In the end the match was marked by fine plays in the field for the Grangers, and missed opportunities for the Independents as they bowed to one of the great clubs in our fine state.  Both clubs then reclined to some fine refreshment under the new barn roof at the farm, where not much else had truly changed.  The Grangers were still one of the best fielding and striking clubs in the state, and their formidable defense was matched only by their hospitality and their fine singing.  The Bay Citys look forward to their next meeting.


Saginaw vs. Bay City....Take Four!

Bay City vs. Saginaw

Carroll Park, Bay City, MI

September 8, 2012


Bay City 14, Saginaw 12



The ground was as forgiving, as the grass was high at Carroll Park.  Thus denoting the return of fall to the Bay area, and a coming of full circle for the season as the grounds, not yet colorful, had begun to have a feeling of the freshness of spring-time.  However, it is only wishful thinking that would have us see the beginning in the end, and truly this was the coming of the close of a fabulous season for the Independents of Bay City, and one they hoped to send out in style.  The opponent on this day was a familiar one, the Saginaw Old Golds.  Bay City had bested them in the Mackinac Tournament in July, and in Saginaw during a State Championship Cup challenge in August, but then fell to them at the World's Tournament in a legendary match.  This dust-up between the two clubs would either call the match-up a season draw, and have Saginaw walk away with the State Cup, and the number one seeding spot in the season ending State Championship Tournament, or have Bay City dance off with a season series win, retain the Mantle of State Champion, and secure the top seed for the Tournament themselves.


The coin toss to determine the order of striking was presided over by Gary "Judge" Gerken, the umpire for the day, and was won by the Saginaw captain, Adam "Squints" McCauley, who chose to allow Bay City to strike first.  The Independents wasted no time flexing their muscle sending thirteen strikers to the mark, making extra bases with four of their first seven strikers, and plating eight aces.  Strikers of note in the innings, each of whom made their second and were brought to tally, were Jason "Buttons" McInerney, Jeff "Silverback" Rahl, Tom "Cat" LeRoux, and Justin "Doc" Garcia.  The Saginaws were able to add one ace to their ledger thanks to the fine striking of Jon "Boozehound" Smith, Adam "Squints" McCauley, and Toby "Scoops" Larkin.  After one innings the Bay Citys held an 8-1 advantage.


The second innings saw both clubs swap the whitewash, and each club was able to keep the ledger equal in the third as well adding one run apiece.  Bay City pushed their tally across with a howitzer into the garden from the willow of Alan "Kid" Garcia which had him take his second.  The next striker would lose his hand to a fly ball into the center garden, but Garcia would tally when Jeff "Silverback" Rahl made his first safely.  The Saginaws run was made by none other then, Richard "The Founder" Curry, who made his first, moved to second on a ground out, and then tallied on a second consecutive safety from the bat of Jon "Boozehound" Smith.   After three innings the match stood at Bay City 9, and Saginaw 2.


Saginaw would skunk Bay City in the fourth and the fifth innings, wasting a Justin "Doc" Garcia innings opening triple in the fourth with their fine fielding.  While Bay City struggled, Saginaw did as well only adding one run to their tally, keeping the match in the Independents' favor at Bay City 9, and Saginaw 3.


In the sixth innings both clubs seemed to liven up.  Alan "Kid" Garcia originated the offensive explosion for both clubs with an inning opening safety into the garden.  The next hand was lost to a fly catch made by Jon "Boozehound" Smith in the left field.  The next striker though, was Jeff "Silverback" Rahl, and the Saginaws had not yet been able to kill his hand in the contest.  Rahl took a pitch that teetered on the rim of the plate, and promptly deposited it into the right field garden where it was momentarily lost in the fauna and flora of Carroll Park.  The scrambling Saginaws attempted to retrieve the sphere in time to prevent the Silverback from circling the bases, but their efforts were for naught as both he and Garcia would tally on the home run. The next two Bay City hands were lost on foul bound outs, one to the catcher, one to the third base man, and just like that the rally was squelched by the Golds.


In the Saginaw sixth, the first hand was lost on a sky ball bottled in style by the Bay City second sacker, Jeremy "Schoolboy" Stedry.   The next striker, John "Lumberjack" Piersall, would make his first thanks to an infield safety.  This brought Adam "Squints" McCauley, the Saginaw Captain, to the plate.  McCauley drove a sky ball deep into the left garden that sent a spectator scrambling, as Jason "Buttons" McInerney struggle to snatch the sphere.  The Bay City fields man's actions were inhibited by the intruder, and the onion exceeded his reach allowing McCauley to take his second, and Piersall to tally.  The next striker, Jason "Logger" Leppek matched McCauley's feat by taking his second after sending the apple beyond the right field confines.  Leppek's muckle shot allowed McCauley to score, and the difference in the contest was now Bay City 11, and Saginaw 5.


The Old Golds would thwart the Independents in both the seventh and eighth innings, and drew ever closer in the contest themselves plating two aces in each of the aforementioned innings.  Tallying for the Golds in the seventh were Matt "Rip" Shaner, and Brandon "Bulldog" Diag thanks to the striking of two new comers to the squad, Mumbly and Muskrat who each had a single and a double in the innings respectively.  In the eighth innings the top of the order did the deed for the Golds with Jon "Boozehound" Smith and John "Lumberjack" Piersall each tallying for their second time in the contest.  Smith began the innings with a cannonade into the left field upon which he made his second.  Smith then tallied on the safety by Piersall, who then tallied on the third of four safe hits made by the Saginaw captain, "Squints" McCauley.  After 8 the match had drawn to a predictably, tight scratch at Bay City 11 and Saginaw 9.


The Bay Citys now came into the ninth innings with a slender lead, and looked to add to it using the top of their order to make their finishing mark in the contest.  Kid Garcia would again take the charge, and again thrust the Bay Citys into the breech making his first for the fourth time in the contest.  He would move to second on a liner from Jason "Buttons" McInerney.  McInerney's hand would be lost on a ground ball to the second base man by Jeff "Silverback" Rahl, who flipped to the short stop putting Garcia at third and Rahl at first.  Garcia would tally when the next striker, Tom "Cat" LeRoux made his way onto the bases for the second time on the day with a daisy cutter into the left garden.  Rahl and LeRoux would each move up to third and second respectively on a muckle shot into the garden from the bat of Brian "The Butterfly" Beceril which loaded the bases.  The bases were now filled with Bay Citys with only one hand lost.  The speed of Rahl at third, and his ever-present threat to steal home, no doubt was weighing on the mind of the Saginaw fielders as they attempted to kill Rahl's hand on a throw from the pitcher to the third sacker which went terribly awry and exceeded the bounds of the field of play allowing Rahl and LeRoux to tally and brought the Butterfly to third sack.  The next two strikers would lose their hands and the Independents' uprising would be complete.  The score was now Bay City 14, and Saginaw 9.


The Old Golds would not go quietly into their good night, and put up a magnificent rally in their ninth tallying thrice thanks in part to Rip Shaner, and their two new found talents, Mumbly and Muskrat.  No doubt these M and M boys should find their way onto the Saginaw roster permanently, for if not for their contribution this match wouldn't have been close as they had a hand in 5 of the Saginaw runs.  The Golds would lose their next three hands after Muskrat tallied on nearly identical plays on ground balls from the short stop to the first sacker, closing another breathtaking contest between these two clubs.


Bay City took the series 3-1, the Cup, and the first seeding into the State Tournament with the win, but perhaps the bigger winner on the day was the crowd that stayed to watch the close of the contest, and the regular season finish to the 2012 season for Bay City.  It was a fine one indeed seeing them finish with twelve wins, and only one loss.  Now onto the State Tournament!

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As of August 12, 2013



    1. Alan Garcia 63

    2. Sean LeRoux 55

    2. Tom LeRoux 55

    3. Jason McInerney 45

    4. Jeff Rahl 46

Runs Scored

    1. Sean LeRoux 43

    2. Alan Garcia 38

    3. Tom LeRoux 35

    4. Jason McInerney 29

    4. Jeff Rahl 29

    5. Dean Koch 18


    1. Sean LeRoux 2.68

    2. Alan Garcia 2.23

    3. Tom LeRoux 2.18

    4. Jason McInerney 1.81

    4  Jeff Rahl 1.81

    5. Brian Beceril 1.75



Extra Base Hits

    1. Tom LeRoux 26

    2. Jeff Rahl 22

    3. Alan Garcia 13

    4. Jason McInerney 10

    5. Brian Becerril 7

    5. Sean LeRoux 7

Home Runs

    1. Justin Garcia 2

    1. Jason McInerney 2

    2. Brian Beceril 1

    2. Alan Garcia 1

    2. Zachary Stedry 1

    2. Matt Barnard 1


Hands Lost/Game

    1. Sean LeRoux 1.50

    2. Tom LeRoux 1.56

    3. Alan Garcia 1.58

    4. Dean Koch 1.72

    5. Brian Becerril 1.87


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Final day of the vintage season at Carroll Park today. Games have started for the MI state Cup.